Types of Projects Best Served Through Labour Hire

Types of Projects Best Served Through Labour Hire

Types of Projects Best Served Through Labour Hire

  • July 03rd, 2014
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When planning for new projects or changes in your company environment, you may be considering the addition of new, temporary staff. For a long or short-term project, your staff needs may vary greatly and be subject to frequent changes. Labour hire is the ideal solution for these kinds of projects or for other temporary employment needs relating to your business.

Labour Hire Finds the Right Workers for Your Needs

Labour hire can provide you with skilled workers who are ready to begin immediately. Your labour hire organisation should have an extensive database of appropriate candidates, which allows you to acquire new help right away, if necessary. A variety of projects are well-served through labour hire, but especially those such as civil, engineering, or road construction projects. For a project like these, labour hire can provide you with skilled labourers and tradespeople, well trained the specific areas required for your project. Labour hire sources for positions such as drivers, welders, bricklayers, concrete finishers, machine operators, road traffic controllers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, to name a few. Temporary projects of all kinds may be more numerous in peak season, and a labour hire company can also help prepare and equip you for that.

The Value of a Temporary Workforce

Construction projects are the most common type of work for which labour hire is useful. As these projects vary greatly in length and are subject to constant changes and adjustments, a temporary workforce is vitally important. Additionally, as these projects move into different stages of development, different types of workers with specific skills will be needed. For example, you may require carpenters for one specific time frame, and electricians for another. You may wish to employ designers for the early stages of a project. Labour hire offers complete flexibility, so each worker can be employed for a unique and individualised time period, based on project requirements. Labour hire allows you to contract skilled workers for very short periods or for lengthy terms and anything in between, as well as the flexibility to alter these terms as needed.

Benefits of Labour Hire for Your Business

Best of all, labour hire recruits are directly employed by your labour hire company, which means you need not worry about any of the associated paperwork or concerns which come with hiring workers of your own accord. At On Line Recruitment, we take care of all administrative tasks, payroll, and other responsibilities, which streamlines the entire process for your business.

Working with a labour hire company also ensures you’re dealing with the employment experts. Years of experience with workforce management solutions can give you the confidence to know your labour hire company will identify your specific needs and utilise their expertise and knowledge to source you the very best candidates available.

On Line Recruitment: Ready to Help

If you believe your business has a project which could be well-served by labour hire, contact us at On Line Recruitment today to discuss your needs. We’ll provide you with a free consultation to explore more information about our labour hire offerings, and find out if we can help your next project be a success.

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