Should You Use a Creative Resume in Your Job Search? These 5 People Did and Got Hired!

Should You Use a Creative Resume in Your Job Search?

Should You Use a Creative Resume in Your Job Search? These 5 People Did and Got Hired!

  • February 14th, 2017
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Should You Use a Creative Resume in Your Job Search?

These 5 People Did and Got Hired!

When applying for a job, the traditional approach says to create a professional, slick resume that clearly lists your experience, education, and career aims. Your resume (or CV) is, after all, the first impression you get to make upon a potential employer. It’s wise to show your best self, and a clean, organised resume typically does the trick.

But what about those job candidates who have gone off the beaten path when it comes to their CVs? You may have heard stories in the news of jobseekers who have submitted crazy, “out there” resumes and somehow landed the role. Could such creativity and uniqueness really help you to stand out? Let’s take a look at 5 unusual resumes that got the job, and decide if a quirky approach is right for you.

  1. Sometimes going the extra mile gets you the job. Intern applicant Sumukh pitched GQ with a full 20-page magazine resume he created that showcased his own skills and experience in “feature” articles. He didn’t even need an interview: GQ gave him the internship right away.


  1. Recent graduate Melissa wanted to put a piece of herself into her resume, so she combined the job search with her love of sewing, creating a “sewn on” resume on colourful fabrics. The hiring manager must have been pleased with the idea, because the fabric resume got her a job.


  1. Entrepreneur Nick had a sweet idea, crafting a printed candy bar wrapper with his resume details. This was then placed on real chocolate bars and sent to prospective employers. It seems chocolate does the trick; this delicious idea resulted in multiple job offers for Nick.


  1. Alice applied for a job at Instagram by designing a full website showcasing her skills and resume. Though she didn’t land the role in question, her clever approach went viral, garnering her interviews with numerous publication, and resulting in an internship.


  1. Infographics are a big part of digital media content strategies, and student Chris made one his very own. An infographic style resume he submitted to employers resulted in tons of viral shares on the Internet but also got Chris hired by Huffington Post.


Should You Create an Edgy Resume or CV?

Most recruitment experts say no.

The key in winning the role you desire is to be the very best candidate for the job. However you present yourself, this factor needs to shine through. For the majority of candidates, a standard resume is the way to go, and this is what many traditional employers expect to see. Yet with the right employer (often those in the tech space or with a modern vibe) submitting an unusual, creative CV can get major results—though it comes with risk.


If you’re going to go the creative way, make sure you’re choosing a medium in which you can produce your absolute best. A graphic designer trying to generate a unique resume will need to include dynamite graphics that show their skills at their finest. If you’re confident you can deliver above and beyond with your unusual resume, it just might be worth a shot.


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