Using Social Media in Your Recruitment Search

Using Social Media in Your Recruitment Search

Using Social Media in Your Recruitment Search

  • January 25th, 2017
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Using Social Media in Your Recruitment Search

There are multiple strategies that recruiters and business use to find and attract top talent. In the highly digital age in which we live, it seems natural that social media would be included amongst these varied approaches. But is it the most effective?


While recruiting via social media can potentially bring in some candidates, this method requires more than just sending out simple tweets or Facebook posts. It demands a solid understanding not only of digital marketing and social media trends, but a significant degree of time and effort as well. When used in conjunction with other methods, however, social media can be a welcome addition to your recruitment strategy. To get results, make sure you’re doing the following:

Focusing on the Right Networks

Not all social media platforms are created equal. The key to social media recruitment lies in using the appropriate networks that match your search. First, consider where your posts will have the greatest reach. Have several thousand followers on Twitter? This could be a good opportunity to have your message go farther, but you’ll need to publish multiple tweets for maximum effect. If your business Facebook page has only a modest following, posting about an open role may not have any impact (not to mention that reach for Facebook pages is notably reduced compared with what it used to be). Running a paid Facebook campaign could prove far more effective in your recruitment (more on that below).


Second, look at where your potential candidates are most likely to be found. Using Facebook and Twitter casts a wide net, but platforms like LinkedIn tend to be the right “hang out” spots for professionals—particularly those seeking employment. This might vary depending on your business and your industry, but when using social media as a recruitment tactic, it’s vital to be sure you’re using the networks where your ideal employee is most likely to be found—and where your efforts won’t fall flat.

Targeting the Right Candidates Only

Choosing the best social media platforms for recruitment goes hand in hand with targeting the right individuals. Finding the place where they “hang out” is key, but so is tailoring your message (and even its reach) to be visible and relevant to the right audience.


Should you post about a job opening on your business Facebook page, you might not reach one single person seeking a job in your field. This is because those most likely to be Facebook fans are your customers—not jobseekers. Instead, consider a paid, targeted Facebook ad. Facebook allows you to get super-detailed in your targeting for paid ads. This means you can include all the criteria for the ideal candidate and control your advertisement to only be seen by those who meet this criteria. This could certainly be effective, and Facebook ads can be run at any budget. However, there’s one problem: how do you know those you’re targeting are actively looking for employment? This is the toughest issue to surmount with social media recruitment.

Relying on Recruitment Professionals

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. You can save time and efforts by letting the recruitment experts handle your hiring needs. These trusted recruiters know exactly how to source your ideal employee, and have a wealth of resources to back them up. Using social media, job boards, resume databases, local advertisements, and our own extensive network of connections, we exhaust all opportunities to get you the very best candidates in your industry. Why not rely on the recruitment professionals for your new permanent hire, short term/temporary recruitment, or even labour hire staffing needs? Find out more about our comprehensive services by contacting On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire today.

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