Using Social Media for Recruitment

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Is your business taking advantage of social media platforms to recruit new employees? You should be. In today’s modern market, there’s no doubt that your potential candidates are using social media. And Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be just the place to find them.

Research shows that approximately 70% of Australians use Facebook (the biggest social media network. And on LinkedIn, a platform dedicated to professional connections–there are 8 million registered users in Australia, 50% of whom log on to the platform at least once per month. (Source) It’s clear that you’ve got a great shot of sourcing candidates on social media. But how do you do it?

Using Twitter for Recruitment

Twitter is all about conversation. Your business should be having and starting conversations on Twitter on a regular basis (though that’s a topic for another blog) to connect with your audience and grow your brand. Then, sharing recruitment posts will be a natural extension. Those who follow you and interact with you may already be invested in your brand and they either will apply for the position, retweet your post with their larger networks, or send a colleague your way. If you use the right recruitment-related hashtags, you’ve also got an extra chance to be found by job seekers.

Spend a little time checking out what other companies are doing. Without much extra effort, you could be easily finding awesome employees to add to your team.

Recruiting on Facebook

Facebook is more about smaller circles and niche-focused groups. Recruitment via Facebook will demand more effort and finesse. But Facebook is filled with niche and industry-related groups and pages. Getting involved in these via your personal account is a great way not only to keep up with industry news, but to find potential new hires. You can post in these groups looking for candidates. The candidates may be in the groups, or they may be referred to you by group members. A good rule of thumb is to be active in such groups, however. You can’t join and spam with “now hiring” posts. These will often get you booted from groups, or they may be ignored by members.

Why not use your business Facebook page to recruit? A simple post and link to your job advertisement will do the trick. You may have a fan who loves your business and would be a great addition to the team.

Recruiting With LinkedIn

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of LinkedIn for sourcing new hires. First of all, many people who have a LinkedIn account are actively searching for job opportunities. You can post your job advertisement publicly on the site, which can garner you plenty of responses. Of course, these aren’t always highly-targeted responses. A better approach is to use your connections or even perform a search to find candidates directly. LinkedIn allows you to use a range of filters to help you narrow down your search and find those ideal candidates.

Let the pros help!

No matter what tactics you use, recruitment is time-consuming and requires a great deal of focused effort. Why not outsource this service to the professionals? We at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire are employment experts. We’ll tap into our vast network of resources to hand-select amazing candidates for your consideration. Get in touch now to learn more about our awesome services for employers.

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