What are Employers Looking For in Candidates?


What are Employers Looking For in Candidates?

  • August 28th, 2015
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For job-seeking candidates, the marketplace can feel highly competitive. With numerous applicants for open positions, many individuals start to wonder what they’re doing wrong if they are not getting hired. If you lack confidence in certain areas such as your educational qualifications or previous work experience, you may worry that these aspects are to blame.

The good news is this: while employers do value education and experience, the vast majority report that their ultimate hiring decision encompasses more than just your resume. In most industries, successful new employees seem to have just the right mix of experience, attitude, and talents.

So what exactly are employers looking for in their candidates? Read on to find out.

“In-Demand” Skills

Depending on your chosen career field, you may need to have more specialised and highly-developed skills. Fortunately, the “hard skills” that employers are after are things that don’t come naturally to most people, but can be honed through hard work.

The IT industry is certainly one that is growing rapidly, and advanced computer and programming skills coincide with that. Yet, as technology has grown, it has become an integral facet in most other fields as well. This means that there are more jobs now than ever before which require some degree of technical knowledge. If you are skilled with the latest innovations in computers, web design, or data, you may have a strong edge in a range of career fields.
But don’t fret if you do not already possess these skills. With the burgeoning importance of digital knowledge, many employers are willing to invest in training for their employees. Thus, the most vital quality they hope to see in candidates is an open mind and a positive attitude towards growth and learning.

Speaking of Attitude…

A large percentage of employers indicate that attitude is one of the major factors which influences their hiring decision. This positive approach to work and to life goes hand-in-hand with other “soft skills” candidates should demonstrate.

Being adaptable and flexible is an important trait in employees. Companies want to work with easygoing people who can “roll with the punches” and can handle new situations and circumstances. You can demonstrate this by highlighting your ability to be self-directed. This is an appealing characteristic in an employee, as hiring managers know you will motivate yourself to do your best work and won’t need constant supervision or assistance.

Another much-sought after skill is excellence in communication. Interpersonal skills such as handling conflicts, clearly discussing project requirements, collaborating effectively with others, and being friendly and helpful to customers are perhaps some of the most-needed abilities. Communication points to how you will work with clients and customers and how well you’ll contribute to a team. Being a team player or an effective leader shows you’ll make a positive addition to a workplace community.

What Else?

● Skills in Research and Analysis

It’s helpful in a variety of fields to demonstrate to employers that you are able to receive information and then analyse and use it effectively. This can be shown through your prior work experience or shared in an interview situation. An understanding of basic analysis and critical thinking lets an employer know you are intelligent and focused, and able to grasp both simple and challenging concepts.

● Integrity

Values are very important to most employers. In a job interview, you may be asked questions which relate to moral quandaries or circumstances. This is a great opportunity to showcase your level of personal integrity. Many employers and hiring managers report that knowing a candidate has a strong values compass leans the decision more highly in their favour. Employers want to know you will make good choices that will reflect positively on their organisation.

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