What Employees Aren’t Telling You About the Workplace

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What Employees Aren’t Telling You About the Workplace

  • December 08th, 2015
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As an employer or business owner, you’ve got plenty of responsibilities on your mind. From business development and day-to-day operations, to overseeing your staff and dealing with customers. Whatever industry your business is a part of, if you’re in a position of responsibility, you’ve no doubt got an endless number of elements under your control.

As you manage or oversee your organisation, how do you receive feedback about how things are going? For customers, you may incorporate surveys or read reviews. Data and figures can assist you in easily measuring your company’s productivity and profit. But what about when it comes to your employees? Although reviews and discussion with staff can provide you with some insight into how things are going, chances are there are bits and pieces your employees aren’t revealing to you. Here are a few things your employees aren’t telling you about the workplace (and what you can do to fix them and have a happy staff).

They’d like more feedback (and would like to give it as well).

The vast majority of employees are striving to do well at work. But without frequent feedback, their efforts may feel stagnant and meaningless. And yearly reviews are usually not enough. It is important to provide regular (perhaps even weekly) feedback to let employees know where they can improve, and congratulate them on what they are doing well. By the same token, your employees want the opportunity to give you honest feedback about your performance. This helps everyone remain straightforward and authentic when it comes to giving their best.

They want meaningful benefits.

Pay rises are definitely worthwhile, but employees understand that these may not be under your control, or that there are other factors influencing the availability of funds. If you can’t offer an increase in salary, employees want you to know that other significant benefits can also be effective in increasing their job satisfaction. Flexible hours, gym benefits, or other perks are attractive, and indicate that you care about your employee’s well-being and happiness, even if you can’t give them a monetary token of your appreciation.

They wish management had better communication and interpersonal skills.

Many employees report a desire for their bosses and superiors to showcase improved communication skills. In a management position, you might be surprised at how your requests are perceived or how you are lacking the straightforward approach you think you’re using. Feedback from employees
can help you discover how you’re doing with communication. Consider being more direct with your requests, or asking team members if they need clarification. This can make a big difference and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Perhaps most importantly, employees wish their bosses knew that what is most important to them is relationships. Improve your interpersonal skills through frequent appreciation of your team members and through plenty of open communication. When employees know they matter to the business, productivity and satisfaction are both sure to soar.

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