What Employees Want


What Employees Want

  • March 24th, 2017
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Struggling with finding or even keeping great employees? Perhaps you’re attracting top talent initially, but they soon move on to other roles with other employers. Or maybe your job offers aren’t sealing the deal for potential candidates. If you’re an employer who finds keeping staff happy to be a challenge, you’re not alone. The good news is, you can certainly do something about it. The first step? Understanding what it is that employees want.

Flexibility is Everything for Employees 

It isn’t always about the money, as you might suspect. While there isn’t an employee out there who would refuse a pay rise, it is often difficult or impossible to make this happen. However, offering the right benefits is a far more realistic and doable option, and one which can make a world of difference for an employee. Flexible scheduling is a major one. In fact, 42% of small business employees stated that they’d take a lower-paying job if it offered a greater degree of workplace flexibility.

Today’s modern employee’s most valuable commodity is time and workplace flexibility can create a better use of that time. One possibility might include the opportunity to create their own scheduling. More and more employers are adopting a staggered workday, which extends their overall hours of operation and enables team members to arrive and depart at the time which suits them, provided they complete their daily quota of hours.

Employees also love an employer who understands the realities of day-to-day life. Having opportunities for plenty of sick and personal days lets the employee know that you value their time and recognise that “life happens.” This more relaxed approach gives the employees the appropriate breathing room to achieve a better work-life balance by taking care of their families and themselves. And for you as an employer, it results in more productive, happier employees who will make positive contributions to your business.  

Authentic Appreciation

Employee retention often boils down to how valued and appreciated your employees feel. It is key not only to respect each staff member as an individual who makes an important workplace contribution, but to be sure they are on the receiving end of this praise. Regularly show your appreciation through rewards, public recognition, or other methods. Your approach for appreciating your team might vary depending on your business as well as the employee’s personality (not everyone likes to be heralded publicly).

The right kind of employee appreciation starts with listening and remaining engaged with your team. The best bosses are open and receptive, and adapt their approaches and the workplace in accordance with the wishes of their staff. After all, your employees are those who are really “on the ground” in the workplace, and therefore have the best grasp of what could be improved. Indeed, listening to your staff and respecting their opinions is one of the most important things you can do towards appreciating your employees. Let them know their voices are heard (and better yet show them that their opinions make real changes happen), and you’ll find you have an engaged, devoted staff who will remain on your payroll for years to come.

A Work Environment to Look Forward to

Employees want their work environment to be a place they can look forward to coming to every day. The worse thing that can happen for an employee is when they start to dread going to work. Productivity plummets, overall sense of satisfaction drops, and the situation worsens. The employer must take steps to prevent this from happening by creating a community atmosphere and designing a workplace that is positive and pleasant. There are many approaches for doing this. Take a look at our post on Creating a Great Work Environment for more suggestions.
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