What is Labour Hire?

What is Labour Hire?

What is Labour Hire?

  • June 10th, 2014
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For anyone involved in the hiring or recruiting process, or for those seeking employment, you may at some point stumble across the term labour hire. It’s important to understand this terminology, so you can decide if labour hire might be right for you and your business.

Labour Hire Defined

Labour hire involves the contracting of individuals as employees on an as-needed basis, often in the realm of projects involving manual labour. For example, if your company is undergoing a new major project, more manpower is likely needed to help complete the job. However, the employees hired under labour hire are not the same as permanent employees of your business. Unlike casual workers, these are not employees of your business at all, but essentially outsourced employees.The hiring is on a contracted basis, and is generally temporary, though the length of time can certainly vary. Under labour hire, employees may be brought from one company to the next, akin to “borrowing” help, or the employees may be various private contractors or those who work on a freelance basis. The workers contracted under labour hire are employees of the hiring company, an organisation such as On Line Recruitment. A labour hire company like OLR finds and hires skilled workers for our clients (companies who need labour) and provides them with the right employees for the job.

When is Labour Hire Useful?

If you are a business considering a possible need for labour hire, it may be well suited to your company’s needs. Labour hire is very effective for short or long term projects a business may undertake: new construction, refurbishment, electrical operations, or machinery needs, just to name a small sampling. Labour hire may help your company during a busy season of the year, as well. During major inventories or other clerical proceedings, labour hire can contract individuals with administrative experience for the duration of the project. Labour hire has the benefit of finding workers quickly who are well-suited to the task at hand.

Labour Hire for Employees

Labour hire can be highly advantageous to those looking for employment as well. Connection with a reputable labour company can find you consistent opportunities with a variety of clients. This is great for gaining experience on many different projects and for different lengths of time. This can help build your CV and develop your skills. Labour hire is useful in helping you find work in your particular line of business, as opposed to accepting employment in a different industry. The flexibility is also preferred by many workers. We have years of experience matching workers with positions which are a great fit for them, and we’re connected across numerous industries.

Consider Labour Hire

If you believe labour hire might be the ideal solution for your business needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at On Line Recruitment. We would be delighted to further discuss the benefits of labour hire, whether you’re an employee seeking job opportunities, or a company with hiring needs. Please contact us today!

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