What to Ask Your Future Employer

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What to Ask Your Future Employer

  • December 19th, 2015
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As a job seeker, you may feel that it is a potential employer’s prerogative to ask all the questions in an interview session. After all, you are the one under consideration for employment, right?

Yes and no.

While an employer is certainly sizing you up as a potential job candidate, it is important to remember that you, too, are deciding whether or not a role and a workplace will be right for you. It is easy to feel at the mercy of others in a competitive job market, but the truth is, you are in charge of your future and your opinion on a future employer has just as much, if not more, weight when it comes to decisions about your career. To help you find out if a job is going to be the fulfilling and enjoyable role you’re looking for, here are a few questions you may want to put to your future potential employer.

How is achievement measured in this organisation?

Before you accept a job, find out how that employer approaches achievement. This can give you deep insight into how effort is rewarded and measured at the company. Are achievements measured in numbers? Financial goals? Meeting quotas? Or does management take a more personal approach and recognise effort, innovation, and creativity? Knowing this information will assist you in determining how good of a fit you’ll be with this potential employer.

What do current employees have to say about the business?

When you ask this in an interview situation, you’ll find out a lot from the response you receive. An interviewer who stumbles over an answer to this question may not be as in touch with the needs and views of their employees as you might hope. Or, a manager who provides a typical, canned response might demonstrate that a workplace does not have the fresh, easygoing vibe you’re craving in your next work environment. On the other hand, the answer to this question might get you excited about the potential for this workplace.

Will there be opportunities for growth?

If you are seeking a role to advance your career, it is vital to find out if this possible job opening can be a stepping stone towards bigger and better things. Is the position you’re considering a stagnant role or is there an opportunity to assume more responsibilities or have a degree of autonomy? You might also ask your potential future employer how long the previous individual was in this position. If they were promoted to a role of more advanced standing, this can indicate the growth possibility in this opportunity.

What is your position on ongoing training?

Find out if a potential employer values education and if they take ongoing training seriously. If you are serious about your career, you’ll want an organisation that welcomes continued skills development at the very least. The top employers will provide ample opportunity within their organisation to give you this training or help you find it. Ask about ongoing training before accepting a job and you’ll discover how much your individual skills and improvement are likely to be valued.

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