You’ve Been Let Go: What’s Your Next Step?


You’ve Been Let Go: What’s Your Next Step?

  • November 21st, 2016
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There are many challenges to be faced in your life. One of the toughest might be when you are let go from a job. Has this happened to you? You’re not alone. It’s never fun when your employment is terminated, but dismissals do happen, for a wide variety of reasons. The important thing to do after being let go is to move forward, and to do so in a way that prioritises your future and makes the best of a difficult situation. What steps should you take after losing your job?


Recognise the Reasons You Were Let Go


First and foremost, you need to take stock of the situation. If you were let go, you hopefully understand the causes. Perhaps your job performance did not meet company standards and expectations. It’s important to admit and recognise your own role in the termination (and an employer is obligated to give you a justified reason for your dismissal) as this is necessary for learning from your mistakes and improving for future employment.


Sometimes, losing your job is not a direct result of your own conduct, but an unfortunate outcome when an organisation is downsizing or struggling. In these circumstances, employers must sometimes make the difficult choice to let go of employees—even some who have been excellent workers. In these situations, it’s wise to recognise that the termination should not be taken personally. This is also an opportunity that could be perceived with an optimistic outlook; sometimes getting laid off from a job turns out to be the starting point of a brand new career.


Focus on the Future


If you’ve been let go, look forward, because the future is bright and full of possibilities. The next step to take is to become proactive in determining your own path. If you were fired due to poor performance or other misconduct, take some time to recommit to improving in those areas, or even invest in training or other approaches that can help you become a better, more productive employee.


Start investigating your options. There are a myriad of open positions in Australia that could be a solid match with your experience and skills. Put yourself out there and begin a job search in earnest. The team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire can help.



Be Up Front With Prospective Employers


If you have been let go from a job, you will likely need to share this information with potential employers. It is important to be honest and straightforward about your previous employment experiences, so don’t be afraid to share the truth, and be sure to emphasise the ways in which being let go assisted in your professional improvement. Demonstrating that you’ve learned from any personal errors and worked hard to make the most of your situation can be assets in the eyes of employers. Also, always be kind and courteous when speaking of former employers. It’s an interview no-no to talk negatively of your previous employer or management, and does not present an ideal impression to your new potential boss.


Find the Right Career Opportunities


If you’re looking for employment that will fulfill you personally and professionally, our team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire would love to help. Finding jobs for great candidates is our business, and we provide free services to jobseekers to assist them in making career moves that are right for them. You could be next. Give us a call today to set up a meeting with one of our friendly, experienced recruitment agents.

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