How Important are Qualifications?


How Important are Qualifications?

  • October 15th, 2015
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When applying for work in Australia, job seekers are always looking for ways to make themselves more attractive to potential employers. Especially within a competitive field, it can be necessary to stand out as much as possible. There are a few ways to give yourself an extra edge when trying to secure a role, such as submitting a stellar CV, delivering an outstanding interview, and having great references.

But what about qualifications? When it comes to landing a job, just how important are professional qualifications?

The First Impression

The first thing a hiring manager likely sees is your CV. This will generate their very first impression of you as a potential job candidate. It’s important for your CV to be as flawless and well-presented as possible. What will stick out at first glance to a reader or hiring manager will be your previous experience, skills, and education/qualifications. This means that qualifications such as a diploma, degree, or certificate, can certainly help with that first impression, and help you land squarely in the “interview” pile.

But your qualifications are not the only factor to get noticed. Your skills and experience carry weight as well. Qualifications give you a professional nod, but possessing the appropriate skills and experience for a role may be equally important.

Highlight Your Strengths

Whether you’ve earned a professional qualification or not, it is important to highlight and showcase the strengths and attributes you bring to any role. This may mean polishing and tailoring your resume to show off your abundance of experience or your unique skill set. If you are fortunate enough to get an interview, this will be an opportunity for you to go even further, demonstrating your positive qualities and sharing the finer details about your previous experience and training.

Qualifications are a Basis

While a potential employer may smile favourably on the education you’ve received, this is likely not going to be the only factor which affects their decision. Hiring is a complex process and employers are considering many different points when selecting new staff.

As well, qualifications are only the basis, the springboard to a successful career. There are advantages to being fresh out of school with your degree in hand, but if you have not learned other valuable skills needed in employment, this will only get you so far. Things like problem solving, teamwork, communication, and other marketable skills are vital in the workplace, but cannot necessarily be obtained through study. These skills take real-world experience and employment. The vast majority of hiring managers will consider all of this when assessing your CV and job application.

Other Important Considerations

The CV is not the only chance you’ll have to prove yourself either, if you’re lucky enough to get an interview. In the interview process, another item will come under consideration, one which many argue is perhaps most important of all: your attitude.

A positive attitude and a go-getter spirit truly goes along way. For some hiring managers, this motivation and enthusiasm can even be a substitute for a lack of experience or qualifications. A pleasant demeanor indicates that you are easy to work with, follow direction well, and will be a valuable member of the team. In many cases, attitude is everything.

Help From Your Employment Experts

No matter your qualifications, skills, or experience, there is a role out their to suit you and your ambitions. One of the best things you can do in your job search is to work with an experienced and qualified employment professional like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. With our free services for job seekers, you’re guaranteed a helping hand throughout the search process. Let us find you the position you’ve been looking for.

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