The Benefits of a Recruitment Guarantee

The Benefits of a Recruitment Guarantee

If you’ve selected a reputable recruitment agency to assist you with the complex and laborious task of hiring new employees, you are in luck. A stellar recruitment agency will locate outstanding candidates for your open positions, and aid you throughout the entire process: from advertising and sourcing candidates to interviews, hiring, and administration. In short, working with a recruitment agency is a smart option for businesses.

But what it something goes wrong?

Perhaps a candidate who initially seemed perfect does not work out once hired. For various reasons and in occasional circumstances, the candidate and business may unfortunately be an improper match. To account for such situations, On Line Recruitment has enacted a recruitment guarantee.

What is the Recruitment Guarantee?

At On Line Recruitment, we pride ourselves on creating excellent partnerships between top candidates and the right employers. We are confident in our ability to do this well, and the majority of placements we arrange work out exceptionally for all parties involved.

However, we know that every so often, circumstances arise which result in the wrong employee-employer match. Because of our confidence in our recruitment abilities, with us, these cases are rare. When they do occur, we are happy to offer our unique recruitment guarantee. This guarantee states that if an employee hired by your company through On Line Recruitment (introduced to you by us) leaves your employment within a period of 8 weeks, we will recruit a suitable replacement at absolutely no cost to you.

What are the Benefits of a Recruitment Guarantee?

The number one benefit of a recruitment guarantee is peace of mind for your company. As a recruitment agency, our priority is ensuring our clients are completely satisfied. We strive to source and introduce you to the best clients available. In the event that the initial choice for your business fails to work out, you can rest assured that we’ll quickly and efficiently find you another outstanding candidate. The recruitment guarantee lets you know that as a client you’re well taken care of, and also indicates our confidence in our ability to find the right candidate in our initial search.

Another benefit of the recruitment guarantee is that, as a business, you needn’t feel pressured to stick with the original candidate in the case that the match proves unsuitable. The recruitment guarantee gives you the freedom to have a trial period with your first candidate, ensuring that the individual we’ve chosen completely meets your needs and fits within the company.

Lastly, a recruitment guarantee offers one very important benefit: the security that you’re choosing a recruitment agency that is dedicated to superior service. With a recruitment guarantee, your agency is letting you know that they will go above and beyond to find you the ideal candidate to meet your company’s needs and surpass your expectations. The recruitment guarantee shows you that your chosen agency will provide tireless effort, and in the event of your dissatisfaction, work doubly hard to secure you that perfect candidate. The recruitment guarantee is a terrific aspect of a top recruitment agency, and at On Line Recruitment, we are very proud of our guarantee, and strongly stand by it.