A Focus on Ethical Hiring

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When it comes to recruiting and hiring candidates for open positions, there are a huge variety of elements that must be considered. In an ideal world, a perfectly suited candidate would be found, interviewed, and selected for employment in an ideally-matched position with an outstanding employer. Most of the time, we’ve found that that situation does play out in one way or another. And at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we specialise in achieving such favourable outcomes. But now and again, any hiring professional will potentially come face to face with an ethical dilemma. There are many ways to avoid such situations altogether by working with fair hiring practices from the beginning, and we are certainly committed to ethical employment in our agency. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore exactly what ethical hiring is and how we as a hiring firm, together with our clients, can promote principled and balanced employment.

What is ethical hiring?

When most people consider the ethics involved in the workplace, they likely think of discrimination. Discrimination can come in many forms (racial, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) and can be covert or overt. Discrimination in any setting is abhorrent, does not uphold the values of ethical hiring, and has absolutely no place in a work environment. Beyond discrimination, other questionable issues might also come into play, such as misrepresentation of a business, position, or expected duties. These types of situations are also not representative of ethical hiring. Ethical hiring involves practices which promote fairness, equality, and honesty in all aspects of the employment process.

Why it’s needed

Ethical hiring is vital to ensure a number of things are taking place. First, a practice of ethical hiring keeps discrimination and bias out of the situation and promotes fair consideration for all candidates, based solely on their employment history, skills, talents, and associated work-related attributes. In essence, ethical hiring ensures that the best candidate for the job is the one who is hired, on the basis of their merit and/or potential in the role. For those seeking employment, ethical practices keep everyone on an even keel. The candidates are presented with straightforward, genuine information to help them make a well-informed decision when it comes to the job search. If hired, ethical practices also safeguard employees from entering into contracts or workplaces under false pretences or with incorrect information.

How we pursue equality

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we are strong proponents of ethical hiring and fair practices in all aspects of the employment and recruitment process. During recruitment and hiring, we treat all candidates equally, sourcing on the basis of merit, skills, and experience, and providing each and every candidate with fair and equivalent opportunities. We won’t work with business clients who allow discriminatory behaviours or who sanction dishonesty. Our refusal to participate in any dealings which would be considered underhanded or questionable helps us maintain our reputation as a quality, professional organisation and a recruitment agency clients and candidates are proud to work with. These values we uphold with dignity, doing our part help make the work environment–as well as society–a better place to be.