The Future of Work

The Future of Work

When we look back through history, it is fascinating to observe the vast ways in which employment and work have changed throughout the years. Even in the past decade, we as a society can probably point to obvious shifts in the labour force, demand for specific positions, and new and emerging roles in many industries. So what will the future of work look like? In Australia and beyond, let’s examine the changing patterns of work, and assess what the future may hold.

A Digitalised World

One major effect on the employment stage is the impact that technology has had in recent years, and the tremendous influence it is projected to have in the future. According to Hays, the job market is growing, particularly with regards to jobs in the technology sector. Technology has already infiltrated a vast number of jobs in many industries, and top talent will be recruited for crossover roles/positions which utilise high level technology skills alongside expertise in finance, marketing, and more.

In roles of varying levels, including support positions, the necessity of IT skills will continue to grow. Knowledge of social media and online marketing, as these have blended throughout all industries, will be great assets for anyone seeking employment in the near future. Though it can be argued that technological advances could potentially eliminate the need for certain jobs, that impact would be minimal when compared with the exponential growth in new positions that technology will open up.

Australia has a bright future

Deloitte’s Access Economic division released a 2014 report identifying projections for Australia’s industries in the next 20 years. Co-author of the study Chris Richardson states: “As Asia’s boom evolves and new domestic opportunities arise, our research shows that Australia’s growth options remain excellent.” The report points to the major growth of 5 sectors: gas, agribusiness, tourism, international education, and wealth management. Additionally, the study offers a graph demonstrating the projected yearly growth within industries, with positions in the healthcare field sitting high on the list. The healthcare field is growing, both in Australia and worldwide, and will likely continue on this trend for the years to come. This creates a strong need for healthcare jobs in nursing, aging care, specilisations, and more, including support positions in the field.

The real estate property market is projected to grow in the next few years, boosting both sales and housing renovations, and leading to increases in demand for labourers, tradesman, and positions throughout the construction field.

A Changing Workforce

Not only are industries changing, but the future also demonstrates a transforming workforce. Now, more than ever before, the nature of work has changed, much because individuals are seeking different employment experiences. The past decade has seen a trend of workers looking for more flexibility in their jobs. With young people in the start of their career, flexibility is important in helping them discern what path is right for them. This lends itself very well to part time and temporary positions, which can provide a ‘taste’ of an industry as well as suit the desired flexibility. Those in the workforce currently are also more attuned to their individual needs, and there’s been a growth in the quest to find more satisfying and gratifying work. This means candidates are more invested in the job search than ever before, seeking that perfect employment match to put them on the path to fulfilling their career plans and their dreams.

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