How to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

Employee Retention

As an employer, business owner, or manager, you likely have a great deal on your mind at any given moment. The running of a business or organisation is a huge and complex undertaking, and there are many factors to consider, handle, and manage. While there are select elements which are not within your control, there are some factors which you can influence or change greatly, and a good business sense about these factors can help you make the most of your business, and be your most successful.

It’s very important to an employer to locate the finest possible employees: those with talent, promise, ambition, skills, and a great attitude. Once you’ve found these great employees, you’ll want them to perform at their best, work hard, and rise to the top. But how do you ensure these talented individuals give you their very best? How do you get the most out of your employees?

The Right Approach

Many employment and business experts have varying opinions on what makes for the best approach with employees. Some say a strong, assertive model of leadership and structure is key. Others suggest allowing employees to be more self-directed is the best method for seeing them thrive. Still others believe that an ideal work environment is paramount. No matter what model or method with which you choose to run your business, one thing seems certain across the board: you get the most from your employees when they feel appreciated, valued, and respected.

A 2013 Employee Appreciation Survey by Glassdoor revealed that 53% of employees would remain longer with a company where the boss demonstrated more appreciation. A strong 81% of those surveyed claimed they are more motivated and work harder when they are shown appreciation for their work by their boss or superiors.

Positive reinforcement, due credit and praise, and a supportive environment all help to promote a strong, successful workspace in which employees feel comfortable tackling challenges and where they are able to give and be their best.

Incentives: Or, Getting Involved

Many human resource experts believe that incentives for employees can be a tremendous motivator in getting their best work. Basic monetary incentives, such as a commission for sales achieved, are obvious motivators for workers, as their effort and success is directly tied to personal financial gains. But other incentives can be worthwhile, no matter how small.

Various options include things like flexible work hours, providing a weekly free lunch, paid personal days, or other games, contests, or events. Some simple changes to the workday structure can make a huge difference and be a great boost for morale. Many successful businesses make it a point to celebrate special occasions like birthdays in the office or come up with organisation-wide challenges or competitions. When employees become more involved and engaged within the business, their attitudes soar, which has the double effect of fostering a better work environment and resulting in increased productivity and attention. Businesses which allow for a little fun, flexibility, and creativity nearly always report a drastic upshoot: their employees are not only working harder, they’re working better.

Work Assessments

In addition to the positive elements that can easily be integrated into the business structure, many employees and managers find that regular work assessments can be powerful motivators for their staff members. When employees know their work is constantly being evaluated, they are typically more likely to step up their game and keep on top of their efforts and production. Clear and fair evaluations can help offer constructive criticism to an employee, which can make their work performance better in the future. Regular assessments also give the employee a chance to improve and to have their efforts recognised by management.

We’ll Help You Find Them

The methods and approaches outlined above represent just a few of those which can be implemented by businesses to help them get the most from their employees. If you’re looking for outstanding employees to make your business more productive and more successful, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is ready to help! Whatever your particular needs may be, from long term permanent staffing to temporary labour hire, our team will assist you in sourcing the finest candidates in your industry. Contact us today to start the recruitment or labour hire process.