How To Conduct A Job Interview

Job Interview

There are countless articles online about how to nail a job interview. However, if you’re on the other side of the desk and faced with conducting a job interview, you might be just as uncertain. In this post, we’ve compiled some tips to help you conduct an effective interview and ask the right questions so you secure the best possible candidate.

Tips for Interviewing Someone for a Job

Not all companies are large enough to have a human resources department to take control of the recruitment process. If you don’t have a lot of experience conducting interviews, it’s easy to forget that candidates are trying to make up their minds about working for you as much as you are trying to decide whether they are a good fit for your business.

These tips will assist you to prepare and conduct a successful job interview.

Establish Rapport – After the initial introductions, asking a couple of general questions to start off with –  did they have to travel far, for example – will help the interviewee to settle their nerves.  Outlining the objectives and structure of the interview will also create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Have A List Of Specific Questions – Winging a job interview is never a good idea for either an interviewee or an interviewer. Prior to the interview, make a list of questions you plan to ask the candidate(s). This will allow you to stay on track during the interview and keep you from missing any important points. A list of questions can also give the interview process a nice flow, and provide a logical endpoint.

Don’t Do All The Talking – Although it’s important to have a list of questions, don’t become obsessed with asking all of them. Keep the interview as much like a dialogue as possible and let the interviewee speak in detail if they wish. Certain subjects may take more time and you might get the answers you need when you let them guide the conversation. This, of course, means you will need to actively listen to the interviewee’s responses and ensure you are not simply reading off questions.

Encourage Questions  – Often, the best candidates are curious and will come prepared with their own list of questions to ask. Encouraging these questions and providing honest answers will give candidates a real feel for the position and help you find the ideal candidate for the position and your company as a whole.

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The hiring process can be time-consuming and attempts to find the perfect candidate don’t always work out. Although you will likely know what you’re looking for, it’s important to keep an open mind and remain flexible, as you may find what your company needs comes in an unexpected package.

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