Who is More Important: The Client or the Candidate?

Who is more Important Client or Candidate

The Client or the Candidate?

As a recruitment agency, we spend time working both with clients searching for new employees, and with candidates seeking gainful employment. When a client chooses to use On Line Recruitment for their hiring needs, it may seem as though the recruitment agency would focus solely on meeting the client’s needs. While we do put tremendous effort into finding ideal employment solutions for our valued business clients, we place our emphasis on finding solutions which are effective and positive for both clients and candidates. But which is more important: The Client or the Candidate?

Identifying the Client’s Needs

Our clients consist of a variety of businesses and companies both large and small. Client employment and hiring needs vary tremendously. It is vital to work closely between recruitment agency and client to understand the specifics of those needs. When sourcing for an available position, the recruitment agency should acquire information on all the requirements of that particular position: the skills, certifications, and education needed, as well as working hours, salary, and tasks to be performed. A great recruitment agency will go beyond these surface particulars, however, and will also develop a clear understanding of the client company mission and values and what they’re really searching for in a new member to their staff. A grasp of all these elements allows the recruitment agency to proceed most effectively.

Candidate Desires and Suitability

The candidate is of equal importance in our work. As we seek excellent candidates for our many client positions, we are also looking out for each client as an individual, aiming to match them with a position for which they are well-suited and with which they will be highly satisfied. All of our candidates seeking employment are given opportunity for discussion with an employment expert: this allows us to assess your abilities, experience, and skill set as well as discover your desires, career goals, and aspirations. Even if a candidate is unsure as to what types of positions they are suited to, a recruitment agency can help tremendously with this process.

Utilising the resources of a recruitment agency is a great choice for those seeking employment, as the recruitment agency is an authority in the world of hiring. An agency has access to positions which may not even yet be advertised, and once you are in the database of a recruitment agency, they will work hard to match you with the right position to meet your needs.

Finding an Equilibrium

No matter if you’re using an agency or a client doing in-house recruiting, both the client/company and the candidate are of equal importance to the hiring process. Sourcing and finding new employees–especially if you’re looking for the best employment solution the first time– can be costly and time-consuming. For true success, both the client and the candidate need to be satisfied, to ensure that a lasting partnership is formed and the process does not need to be continually repeated. Approaching this process in a way that strongly values both candidate and client is the best way to assure successful results, and this is what we continually aim to do at On Line Recruitment.