Matching the Candidate to the Employer

Matching the Candidate to the Employer

A perfect match between employee and employer is a rare gift. It is a wonderful thing when an employee loves his or her job, takes pride in their work, and thrives in their place of employment. When an employer finds that same worker to be a skilled, dedicated, and hard-working employee who fits in well to the business environment, the ideal match has been made. But is this fortuitous match really so rare? When you work with a top recruitment agency like On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, you’ll find that great matches like this are made every day. Here’s how we do it.

Expertise in Both Industry and Employment

The number one benefit of using a recruitment agency has to be the level of expertise at your disposal. As an employer seeking the best available candidates, going through a recruitment agency means you can put your trust in the hands of employment experts with years of recruitment and hiring experience. This is truly invaluable. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we’ve developed strong relationships with a number of businesses across all industries. This has bestowed us with some unique and useful ‘insider knowledge’. This allows us to seek out the top candidates in the job market (even those who are currently employed elsewhere.) It also allows us a deep understanding of industry needs and changes. When a client works with us, we know their industry inside and out and can tailor our search to find the exact candidate that will meet the needs of that industry, business, and position.

Personalised Client Attention

While our recruitment experts bring their industry knowledge to the table in every search, we also realise that each client business is unique in its own right. That’s why we’re committed to working closely with you to determine exactly what type of company you are and to find out what your specific needs are for new staff members. Our team will discover what your business requires in terms of skill level, personality, and even company values. We’ll use this detailed information as we source and eventually interview potential candidates for your business, continually getting closer to your ideal employee match.

Dedicated Service to Candidates

The only way to ensure an outstanding match between candidate and employer is to consider both sides of the equation. Alongside our great dedication to our clients is our devotion to helping our candidates find wonderful jobs which are both well-suited to their skills and goals, and in which they will thrive and be very happy. We provide a free service to our job-seeking candidates, which encourages them to use our professional, effective services. As well, this typically helps us bring in the best talent to match with our clients. It truly is a win-win situation for everyone involved. We assist our candidates with everything from CV writing to improving their interview skills and also help with the hiring process once a job offer has been made.

Voila: The Perfect Match

On top of the personalisation and expertise a recruitment agency brings to the table, one tremendous benefit we offer is the existence of our massive candidate database. Because we work with so many clients and candidates, we now have a database of potential employees with over 7,000 members. This means that not only do we have a pool of some of the strongest candidates available, but with our great variety, the opportunity to find a client a well-matched candidate is exponential.

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we are so confident in our ability to create great employer-employee matches, that we offer a recruitment guarantee. If a candidate we’ve placed with you leaves your employment within 8 weeks of his or her start date, we’ll quickly and effectively source you a new employee, at no cost to you. Now that’s a guarantee you can trust. Whether you’re a candidate or an employer, this is a great time to get in touch with us at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. Call us today to discuss your future opportunities.