Position Advertising: So Many Options

Position Advertising: So Many Options

When it comes to the job world, the sheer number of options available can be overwhelming, for both job seekers and businesses looking to hire. Where to begin? As a business, you have the choice of managing your own recruitment and hiring processes or leaving these in the hands of seasoned employment experts, like our team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. At our agency, we have firsthand experience with recruiting and hiring top candidates for businesses as well as assisting individuals to secure employment. With our experience on both ends of the spectrum, we’ve developed a deep understanding of how job seekers search for available positions and we’ve seen what methods are most effective at nabbing these talented recruits. So what works when it comes to employment advertising? Let’s take a look at some of the many options.

Remnants of the Past

In the early stages of the recruitment process, one must consider all possible avenues of advertisement. A first instinct might be an old-fashioned method: the newspaper. While it can never hurt to explore all options, a physical newspaper advertisement is not typically the first place a potential recruit will look, especially not the technology-savvy employee you may be seeking. A small business might also consider putting a sign in their shop window. While again this may be an effective way to let passersby know you are hiring, it does not necessarily attract the right type of employee you’re searching for. If you want the best of the best, it isn’t all that likely they’ll happen to stroll by. As well, a sign or other public announcement of hiring may invite numerous applicants. If they’re not what you’re looking for, this can become an unpleasant inundation of applications you’ll need to weed through.

Recruitment of the Future

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we pursue all methods of effective advertising when sourcing top candidates for our clients, but by and large, the Internet is definitely the most advantageous recruitment tool. There are a myriad of excellent, oft-read online job boards and sites. This is a great option for posting a position advertisement, as the boards can be categorised and searched by industry, salary, and other criteria. These boards are competitive, however, and boast hundreds to thousands of ads for open jobs. It is vital to create an engaging and descriptive ad which includes significant details and attracts the right potential candidate. If you work with our agency for permanent recruitment, we’ll tailor an exceptional advertisement to meet your needs and to bring in the very best candidates for your business.

Social media platforms can also be a fine option for position advertising. On Line Recruitment & Labour Hire expands on our other methods by sharing top positions via our Twitter feed or on Facebook. Professional social network LinkedIn is also a prime spot to list employment opportunities. Many job seekers utilise LinkedIn and they can easily connect to your advertisement through their connections and their industry. As a bonus, you can check out potential candidates and see if you have any professional connections in common.

In addition to the resources above, at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire we make use of our extensive industry links and business connections. Often, we’ll be the first to know about a new job opening, so we can handpick outstanding candidates to be considered for the position. Best of all, our agency has the benefit of our own online job board, which is able to be accessed by the public but is also scanned daily by members of our 7000+ candidate database. When you partner with us, this means that high quality candidates will be the first to see your job postings. It also means that when we assist you with recruitment, we are already in contact with some of the area’s best potential hires. With these incredible resources, why not choose On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire to help you secure your next great employee?