What is Labour Hire?

What is Labour Hire

Seasons change, business dips and peaks, and projects come and go. In many fields, but particularly in construction, engineering, and other manually-focused industries, there is a dramatic flux in staffing needs throughout the year. Labour hire is a process of hiring skilled workers for a temporary period, generally via a recruitment agency. These workers are not employees of your business, but of the agency that sources them. This makes the entire process more straightforward for you and expedites the amount of time needed to locate the employees that you need. A wide range of projects can benefit from labour hire, including high season activity.

Benefits Of Labour Hire


The overarching benefit of labour hire is flexibility. Labour hire gives you the chance to utilise expert staff for the precise period in which their skills are required, and with flexibility on your end to alter or extend the schedule as needed.

  • Manage increased demand & seasonality – Fluctuations are normal in any business, but some industries are more seasonal than others. Retailers, for instance, often see a dramatic spike in business during the lead up to Christmas and the ensuing holiday season. Another example is agriculture which has highs and lows depending on the harvest, planting, and other processes.

For businesses such as these, temporary recruitment is a great idea. You can quickly and easily hire staff for weeks or months, helping your business to continue to run smoothly and ensuring you earn maximum profits while not overworking your permanent team members.

  • Cover unexpected vacancies or absences – Illness, holidays, accidents and injury can all take their toll on your workforce and may catch you off guard. During periods of unexpected leave, work can quickly start to build up, yet recruiting more staff yourself is impractical. That’s where a labour hire agency can help you stay on top of things by supplying suitable temporary workers to supplement your workforce.

Another scenario is when an employee abruptly decides to vacate their position without notice. In situations of a swift exit, particularly in an integral role, it is necessary to find someone to fill the position immediately. This is where temporary recruitment can help and might even lead to you finding the right permanent employee.

  • Save time and money – It can be a nuisance having to repeatedly go through the many steps involved in onboarding new staff, especially if you’re hiring new workers frequently. With labour hire, this worry is gone. Our agency handles those pesky administrative details, including induction, paperwork, and even payroll. It’s extremely streamlined for your business and you can have a fully vetted, skilled worker on the job site within a matter of days
  • Experiment with different teams and approaches – Labour hire gives you skilled workers for a flexible time period. This can be ideal if you want to experiment with new workplace approaches. Your labour hire staff can help you understand if you need more permanent workers or if you need to create new positions with new tasks. Alternatively, if you’ve got a project or a one-off need for a highly specialised skill, labour hire can help you quickly find an employee with the right skills and experience to handle your project needs.


What Skills are in Demand for Labour Hire?


Calling all electricians, landscapers, mining engineers, drillers, concrete finishers, machinists, plumbers, mechanics, plumbers, welders, and other labourers. If you are a highly-skilled worker with valuable expertise to offer, chances are, an employer in Australia is looking for you. Roles like those mentioned above–and their associated skills–are generally in high demand throughout the country. The top skills shortage sectors in Australia in 2020 include: 

  • Skilled construction workers
  • Skilled trades (electricians, carpenters and joiners, plumbers, metal fitters and machinists)
  • Mechanics
  • Structural steel and welding trades workers
  • Civil engineering professionals
  • Painters
  • Bricklayers and stonemasons


Why Work With On Line Recruitment? 


Labour hire means no more sifting through endless resumes (or job posts if you are an employee) searching for the right opportunities. We have close relationships with both clients and candidates, so our team can quickly and effectively find the right solutions for your needs.

Have you discovered the advantages of labour hire yet? If not, we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. Give your friendly team of experts at On Line Recruitment a call now to get started.