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Maintaining Company Culture While Working Remotely

While workplaces are slowly starting to return to normal after the COVID-19 outbreak last year, working from home is still the norm, and the preference, for many employees. But how do you maintain your company culture and support your employees when you are spread out across different cities and different

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Looking for a Job? Call a Recruitment Agency

As COVID-19 continues to change everything about the way we work, both employees and employers are having to continually reassess their priorities. Job seekers must be prepared to develop new skills and consider other industries, while employers need to be flexible with working arrangements, adjust their hiring plans and reconsider

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Benefits of Flexible Working Hours For Employers

Benefits of Flexible Working Hours For Employers Did you know that flexible working hours can benefit employers just as much as employees?  While there are specific workplace rules regarding flexible work arrangements for certain employees, there’s nothing stopping employers presenting this option to all their workers. Understandably, some employers are

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Performance Review Trends 2019

Are performance reviews effective? It’s a question both employers and employees no doubt find themselves asking from time to time. And the answer? Yes. If done the right way, performance reviews can be pivotal to the success of a business. So, what is the best way of recognising the achievements

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