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How To Dress For An Online Interview

Does what you wear to an online job interview matter? Yes. While your prospective employer is not going to base their entire hiring decision on your clothing, there’s no doubt that what you wear says a lot about what type of employee you will be. When dressing for your video

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Avoid these virtual meeting mistakes!

With working from home (WFH) the new normal for workers around the world, virtual meetings have replaced face-to-face meetings in many settings. Whether you’re a person who is confident using new technology or someone who takes a little while to get used to new software and apps, mistakes can still

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Recruiting During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed so much about the way we live and work. Our new virtual world can take some getting used to, but we are fortunate to have so much technology at our fingertips. The alternative is quite scary! Embracing change is something we are all learning to do and

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COVID-19: Upskill With A Free Online Course

COVID-19 restrictions have left most of us with a lot more time on our hands. Whether you’ve been temporarily stood down, had your hours reduced or are unable to attend your regular gym session, time is suddenly on our side. Of course, there are still homeschooling and caring responsibilities. Netflix

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Why Australia Has a Tradie Shortage

Did you know that tradies can earn more than $90 per hour? In fact, many qualified tradies are now earning more than office workers. For example, plumbers in NSW charge an average hourly rate of $85.98, and the earning power of tradies is enabling them to enter the property market

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