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Applying For A Job? Clean Up Your Social Media

If you think potential employers won’t bother to look at your social media channels, you are wrong. Employers like to gather as much information about candidates as possible and nowadays that extends beyond the professional sphere and into the personal one. While you may not have done anything as silly

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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Did you know that LinkedIn has 590 million users worldwide? If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, the first thing to say is that it is more than just another social network. LinkedIn has a very specific user base, namely those actively looking to make professional contacts and establish network connections.

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Using Social Media for Recruitment

Is your business taking advantage of social media platforms to recruit new employees? You should be. In today’s modern market, there’s no doubt that your potential candidates are using social media. And Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be just the place to find them. Research shows that approximately 70% of

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