First Day At A New Job: 3 Tips

New Job Tips

Are you starting a new job in the new year? Feeling excited? Scared? It’s perfectly normal to experience a mix of emotions when embarking on a new position or new career path. Starting in a new role is never easy and first-day jitters can strike even the most experienced professionals. Being prepared is the key to having a positive experience on your first day at work. Here are our 3 best tips to help you on your first day at work:

Be Confident

First impressions count especially when starting a new job. Introducing yourself at every chance you get demonstrates initiative and confidence (even if you’re not feeling it 100% that first day) helping to get off on the right foot. Remembering names is half the battle so pay special attention as the connections you make will be important.

First opinions are based on body language as well as appearance so make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable as well as appropriate for your new workplace.

Be Prepared

Just because you’ve got the job doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax. Get ready for your first day by researching as much as you can about the company. Going the extra mile right from the start will make a great impression and help you succeed in your new role. Plan your commute, so you will be on time (early, even) and bring with you that most important of tools—a great attitude.

Find A Mentor

As you meet people on your first day, try and determine who you will be working with the most. Being friendly and asking lots of questions will help you identify colleagues who are open and willing to give you some guidance. Gaining insight into the company culture can help you navigate office politics and also find out the basics like where the toilets are, where the coffee is located, and how the hierarchy is structured? Better to ask a million questions upfront so you can tackle your work with confidence and a sense of stability.

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