How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Did you know that LinkedIn has 590 million users worldwide? If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, the first thing to say is that it is more than just another social network. LinkedIn has a very specific user base, namely those actively looking to make professional contacts and establish network connections. The best thing about LinkedIn is the ability to showcase your unique skills to potential employers locally, interstate and internationally. 

Your Linkedin Profile: 5 Tips

Profile Picture Matters – You don’t necessarily need a professional headshot, but your profile picture should show you dressed appropriately for your industry. Always avoid photos that include other people. 

Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete – This doesn’t mean listing every single job or achievement. A complete profile is one that includes information that is relevant to your industry and/or your ideal employer.

Keep Your Profile Updated – If your circumstances change, or you undergo some additional form of training, make sure your profile contains all your latest achievements. Volunteering or other community work should also be included. 

Reach Out to People –  In other words, be active on LinkedIn. Adding the people you already know will help you get started. From here you can build connections with associates, industry experts and potential employers. Joining discussion groups and industry forums is another good way to make contacts.

Research – Even if you’re not actively searching for a new job, research companies you can see yourself working for and follow them. This will allow you to see any updates to their profile including new positions when they are advertised.

This guide to optimizing your LinkedIn profile will help you complete your profile, so you can build more connections faster. 

Should Everyone Be On LinkedIn?

You don’t have to have had an extensive corporate career to make LinkedIn work for you. LinkedIn can benefit all types of workers including:

  • Tradies – If you are a self-employed tradesperson, a LinkedIn profile can help you develop your personal brand. It’s also an opportunity to provide expert advice which in turn may help you network for job opportunities. 
  • New Graduates – Finding employment in your chosen field after graduation can be tough. You may have to start off in part-time work, or in a related field. Having a LinkedIn profile helps you to network within your ideal professional sector and gain an insight into possible roles and opportunities
  • The Contented Worker – Even if you are happy in your current position, there may come a time when you need or want to move on. Having an established LinkedIn profile and network will help you engage with the hidden job market.


Ultimately, everyone should have a LinkedIn profile. Whatever industry you are in, you never know when you might find yourself as a jobseeker. Building your network before you need it will help you tap into job and training opportunities should you ever find yourself looking. 

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