4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Keep Your Employees Motivated

Strong organisations are built and maintained by the people within them. While it’s crucial to make wise choices when hiring new staff members, keeping your employees motivated and happy is also of paramount importance. But how do you do you keep your staff engaged and active while still trying to run your business? Here are some tips to get you started.

Create A Positive Environment

Your staff spend a large proportion of their day at work, so a gloomy atmosphere is not likely to motivate your employees or make them want to come to work and do their best. But what conditions would help your office thrive?

Naturally, it depends on the type of business you run, but generally speaking, these strategies will help:

    • Well-lit spaces with plenty of natural light have been shown to improve mood and increase productivity.
    • A flexible working schedule can help create a better work/life balance
    • Create a workspace which offers the freedom to move, relax and be comfortable. Experiment with conditions that best suit your business.
    • Listen to your employees and encourage them to share knowledge and ideas.

Reward Your Employees

While a generous salary is an important motivational tool, there are other ways you can reward your staff. Studies show that employees enjoy non-financial benefits just as much, and these can make a huge difference in their levels of motivation at work. Ask your employees for ideas. You might be surprised how even small changes like ‘casual Fridays’ can make big differences in the workplace. Recognising an employee’s achievements in front of their peers can also be a reward in itself and adds to a positive atmosphere.

Share Company Information

In many industries, results are often intangible. Team members who aren’t at the executive level may not see the financial results or the actual fruits of their labour. Scheduling regular team meeting to discuss how your business is succeeding can be a huge boost to staff motivation. When you share your results with your team, they gain a clearer understanding of their role in the business. This builds appreciation for their own work and shows that their contributions are valued. Most of all, it gives them an incentive to keep giving their best for your company.

Celebrate Out Of The Office

Even if you have a tight budget, a company celebration is always a good motivator. Spending time together outside of the office allows your employees to relax and bond in a less formal environment. Alternatively, paying for lunch or treating your staff to work drinks will make them feel rewarded and encourage them to talk to you and each other. This can be especially helpful for those staff who are less confident or quiet by nature.

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