Looking for a Job? Call a Recruitment Agency

Looking for a Job

As COVID-19 continues to change everything about the way we work, both employees and employers are having to continually reassess their priorities. Job seekers must be prepared to develop new skills and consider other industries, while employers need to be flexible with working arrangements, adjust their hiring plans and reconsider their need for office space.

We are all learning to adapt to a changing jobs market, and while challenges will continue to present themselves, there is still tremendous opportunity for growth. The overall sentiment is positive, and as long as both employers and employees are prepared to extend their boundaries and embrace change, the economy will recover.

So, how can a recruitment agency help in the search for a job or the hunt for a new employee?

Why Use a Recruitment Agency?


While employers usually manage some human resources processes in-house (contracts, training. salaries and rosters, for example), they often don’t have the time or the resources to take on recruitment as well. A recruitment agency will not only save your business time, their expert staff can provide knowledge of specialist markets, and offer insights into matters like wage subsidies, JobMaker and compliance and legislative requirements.

Recruitment agencies make their living by successfully pairing quality candidates with companies for which they are ideally suited to work. It is their principal goal to connect the right employee with the right employer, saving you the time, effort and frustration that comes with hiring a new employee.

Job Seekers

Many job seekers start their search by responding to online advertisements or social media posts. While there’s nothing to say you can’t be successful finding a job this way, many find the process frustrating and ineffective.

In a recent article from ABC News, one contract business analyst spoke of her frustration looking for a job using platforms like Seek:

“I am relying on my established contacts within recruitment agencies because submitting an application through Seek or similar doesn’t even get an acknowledgement.”

            — Mary P

Where a recruitment agency differs is in the direct contact you have with their team. A recruitment agency acts like an advocate, someone who will promote your strengths and experience to potential employers. 

Hire Now to Get the Best Candidates

Looking for a job during a recession is never easy, but nor is it impossible. It may feel like there are more candidates out there looking for fewer positions, but there are also more prospects. Virtual workplaces have given employers access to a wider talent pool and many are looking to hire now to get hold of the very best candidates. When it comes to jobs that can’t be done remotely, Australia’s closed border has resulted in a stream of vacancies across multiple sectors. If you want to work, there is work out there. 

Covid-19 has underscored to companies the importance of being nimble. As such, they value experienced workers who can hit the ground running with little or no on-the-job training. The bottom line: As employers adapt to changing times, they are seeking flexible, creative candidates who can do the same.

If you have been thinking about taking on someone new, now is the time to hire. Our recruitment agency in Nowra is able to cast a much wider net to find workers that are an ideal match for available positions. 

Trust The Professionals At On Line Recruitment

Recruitment is our business. It is what we do all day, every day.  We pride ourselves on creating good professional matches and have the experience to identify those candidates most suited to your needs. If you want your hiring done in a simple, professional way which saves your company time and effort, or if you are looking for a job contact On Line Recruitment in Nowra