Using a Recruitment Agency: Is it Cost-Effective for a Business?

Using a Recruitment Agency: Is it Cost-Effective for a Business?

Using a Recruitment Agency: Is it Cost-Effective for a Business?

  • September 02nd, 2014
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As your business seeks to hire new employees, you may consider various ways of executing this task. One common option is to oversee all of the hiring yourself. This can sometimes be doable within a large company when a human resources department is available, but even then it presents a challenge. Human resources may already be overwhelmed with handling the various administrative tasks and other duties of a large business, so external hiring can be an added burden. Smaller businesses are often even less equipped to handle the processes of hiring. For those that choose to use external resources for assistance, a recruitment agency is a highly effective option. But what are the benefits in relation to the cost? Is it cost-effective for a business to utilise a recruitment agency?

Looking Closer at the Costs

When seeking a new employee through permanent recruitment service, an agency should be up front about the associated costs. At On Line Recruitment, we charge a pre-negotiated fee which aligns with our fee schedule. This is payable only when we find you a candidate whom you elect to hire. Recruitment is a service which is carried out prior to any payment, which allows you and your business to feel secure that your recruitment agency is doing its best to achieve great results. Payment is made once you’ve been matched with the ideal candidate for your position and the hiring is underway. The structure of the recruitment process is therefore very beneficial to a business as money is exchanged only following the successful end of the process. At On Line Recruitment, we also offer the unique bonus of our Recruitment Guarantee, which means we will find you a replacement candidate at no cost if the first hire proves unsatisfactory within eight weeks. Guarantees like that are financially rewarding, and they are promises your business can truly get behind.

What Do You Really Get?

Initially, it may seem that the cost of using a recruitment agency is fairly high. Upon closer examination, however, it becomes apparent that the flat fee charged by the agency is quite reasonable. The overall assorted costs of do-it-yourself hiring add up quickly, and any money saved may not be worth the added stress, frustration, or complications involved with the complex and tiresome hiring process. In addition, a recruitment agency tends to have a great track record for sourcing and hiring suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. Handling your own business hiring may take weeks or months longer, costing you more money, time, and resources in the long run. Using a recruitment agency means less downtime for you and your business, and can keep you up and running productively.

There is always a cost associated with utilising expert service. A recruitment agency is full of professionals who have years of experience handling recruitment, interviews, and hiring, in companies of all sizes and across all industries. This expertise is truly invaluable when it comes to finding you the best staff. Not only will a recruitment agency locate a great candidate in a fraction of the time, but they are more likely to have access to and hone in on the top candidates available. The inside knowledge of a recruitment agency simply can’t be beat when it comes to hiring.

In essence, it seems that the cost of utilising a professional, dedicated recruitment agency for your hiring needs is outweighed by the savings and benefits that arise from using such a service. If you’re looking to expand your business, take on new staff, or have any questions about permanent or temporary recruitment, contact us at On Line Recruitment today and find out more about how we can help your company thrive.

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