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  • We have an intimate knowledge of the employment market. Our recruitment consultants are committed to staying up to date, ensuring they always know which industries and companies are looking for people with your knowledge and experience.
  • OLR has an extensive network, allowing us to quickly get you in contact with relevant and exciting clients and projects.
  • OLR has access to job vacancies that are not yet visible to job seekers. Through many years of partnership with our clients, we are generally the first to hear about roles that are available.
  • You will be assisted from your first interview with the client – and if you are successful – through to salary negotiation. If you are unsuccessful, you will also receive feedback to help you next time.
  • We provide a free service for you. OLR generates revenue from our clients. meaning there are no costs for you as a candidate.

Be honest and don’t leave out any important skills or experience that will help ‘sell’ you to potential clients. You must sell yourself to your recruitment consultant, so they can sell you to the client as the best candidate. It’s essential they really believe in you to truly sell you.

No, we provide a free service for you.

Yes we will give honest feedback about where your application is at in the process.

Absolutely. We will work with you to understand your skills, knowledge and experience to see how they match with the roles we have available. We frequently have job seekers contact us for this reason, and have guided and placed numerous people into roles suited to their skills and experience.

Definitely. If you are actively seeking employment, we strongly recommend that you register with us as our clients are constantly advising us of new vacancies. That way, when a job suited to your skills and experience becomes available, we have your details on file and can contact you.

Absolutely. Your details stay on our database and we will automatically consider and contact you for future relevant roles when they come up. However, if you have not heard from us, and we have a new role you are interested in, we suggest you contact us.

If you do not see a vacancy suited to your skills and experience, you can register with us by emailing your resume to

Yes. Contact your recruiter and let them know what role you are interested in. They will advise you what you need to do to be considered for the role.