Recruitment services


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Recruitment agencies are specialists at sourcing and placing candidates. If you needed new IT systems, you’d seek out an IT specialist, if you needed to upgrade your physical infrastructure, you’d talk to a builder or an architect.

Your people are your most important asset, and you should enlist the help of recruitment professionals to help you build your business with the best people.

Additionally, when you have a position vacant, you will most likely need to take out newspaper and online advertisements, and then sort and analyse each of the applications you receive. Following this, there is scheduling and holding interviews, and for shortlisted candidates, the process of verifying education, employment history and criminal background of your potential employees. All of this takes a significant amount of time and impacts your HR and/or management teams’ productivity.

Also important to consider is that job seekers, and subsequently employers, also benefit from going through a recruitment agency. We can talk with them about their career objectives and ensure the position they are applying for is in line with this. As we have numerous roles available and operate across several industries, we can recommend alternate roles where appropriate and ensure the right people are placed in the right role, benefiting both candidates and employers.

On Line Recruitment and its labour hire division has been in the recruitment game for over 23 years and our team of highly skilled recruiters has a combined 30 years experience in recruitment.

We are committed to putting the right person in the right job in the right organisation. Unlike many recruitment agencies, our recruitment consultants work together as a team to match candidates with employers, creating an environment that is focused on client success rather than individual success.

We use a range of sources to ensure we find every possible candidate. These sources include:

  • Web-based job boards
  • Resume databases;
  • Local and national media and advertising;
  • On Line Recruitment’s business networks and referrals; and
  • Social media and the web

It really depends on the type of role and the skills required. We have successfully placed candidates only hours after being advised of a vacancy, but at the other end of the spectrum, it can also take weeks for more specialised roles.

We recruit for all types of roles across all industries, from receptionists through to chief executives.

Typically we will send you two to three candidates who meet your criteria but this will depend on the brief from you. Rest assured that every candidate we put in front of you has been through our rigorous screening process, which involves behavioural interviews, skills verification and reference checks.

We carry out the entire process, from the initial brief through to the contract of employment. The typical steps involved are:

  • The job description is prepared in conjunction with the client
  • Plans are made on how and where to advertise;
  • Applicants are short-listed;
  • References are requested & checked;
  • Candidates are invited for interviews and selection tests;
  • Successful candidates are sent off to the client;
  • Candidates are invited for interviews with the client.
  • The successful candidate is offered the job and signs the contract of employment.

We have a proven track record in matching candidates with employers, however should the person placed by us leave your employment within eight weeks, On Line Recruitment will recruit a replacement at no cost to you.