Labour Hire

Why choose us for Labour Hire?

In addition to providing permanent and temporary recruitment, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire also specialises in supplying businesses with reputable, skilled staff through labour hire. Whether your business is participating in construction, electrical work, refurbishment, or any sort of labour-heavy project, labour hire can provide you immediately with talented workers who have the skills you’re looking for.

Many types of projects are well-served by labour hire, whether short term, long term, or seasonal peaks. As these projects can vary greatly in length and are subject to frequent adjustments in project length and requirement, it’s extremely important to have access to the skilled workers you need, with the flexibility afforded by a labour hire arrangement.

With a 7,000 member candidate database, we have a great number of workers with professional references, extensive previous experience in their field, and a variety of skills. With labour hire we source for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, road traffic controllers, project managers, engineers, tradespeople, and more.


With labour hire, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire takes care of all responsibilities. Streamlining the process for our clients, we ensure you are matched with reliable, highly skilled workers who are well-informed about the project.


Our candidate pool consists of well-trained, experienced workers with a history of excellent work in their industry or trade. Whatever skills you require for your project, we’ve got a perfect candidate to meet your needs.


We have 15 years of experience sourcing the top talent in local, regional, and metropolitan Australia. Our combined knowledge of hiring practices and labour heavy industries has equipped us with the expertise to provide the best in labour hire solutions.

What's different about our Labour Hire?

On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire makes labour hire a truly stress-free experience, by managing the entire process from beginning to end. Workers employed through labour hire remain direct employees of On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, so we handle payroll, workers compensation, superannuation, and payroll tax. We provide weekly pay to the employees; as a host employer, you simply make a single weekly payment to us. Taking care of all administrative tasks for you sets us apart from other labour hire companies, and makes the experience much more straightforward for our clients.

Working in partnership with our host employers, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire places strong emphasis on safety and ensures compliance to WHS legislation. Regular site safety assessments are undertaken at each host employer’s work site, and are reviewed for each labour hire contract. All workers sourced through labour hire are provided an induction to their new worksite, to further maximise safety and comfort. Additionally, workers are given specific written task instructions to help prepare them for the project, and are provided with written employment contracts covering employment entitlements, consultation mechanisms, and standard practices for reporting hazards, injuries, or other incidents.

In the event of an emergency, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire operates a 24/7 emergency contact service with complete remote access to our company information systems, allowing us to respond swiftly in a crisis.

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