7 Tips for a Successful Induction


7 Tips for a Successful Induction

  • June 02nd, 2016
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As a smart and savvy organisation, you’ve put time and effort into sourcing and selecting the very best new hires for your business. Perhaps you’ve utilised the effective, professional services of On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire in finding these fantastic new candidates. After the hiring process is complete, it can feel like your work is over. Now you’ve got a great new employee who’s ready to go, right?

Not exactly.

Your fresh new hire may have top skills and a winning attitude, but to set them up for optimal success at your company, you’ve got to be sure to provide a comprehensive and useful induction. How can you be certain to achieve this? Take a look at our 7 simple tips for offering an induction that will give your new hire their best start at your business.

1. Don’t rush the process.

Cramming the entire induction process into a single day might seem like a time-saving move, but in reality, this may be exhausting to a new hire. Instead, approach the most important basics in the first week, and allow time to stretch out the induction for the first month. This gives the employee a chance to get started sooner on being a productive member of the staff, and lets you focus on the vital skills and duties first.

2. Provide ample support for your new employee’s first few days.

Nothing is more challenging than starting a new job and feeling totally lost. To ensure your new addition becomes a happy and effective employee, give them the support of a designated staff member at the start. This person can be a helping hand and a go-to for questions and concerns. This step will keep your employee from feeling like a fish out of water.

3. Quality documentation is great, but don’t overwhelm the new hire.

It’s a great idea to give your new team member a handbook of valuable work details or procedures, but be sure you’re not overloading him or her with an excess of information. Instead, work through the documents together slowly, planning carefully for when various subjects will be addressed. Let the employee go over the text at their leisure and keep the book for reference.

4. Demonstrate open communication from the start.

Beginning with your welcome letter or phone call, your new hire should know immediately how to contact and communicate with you. It’s vital to encourage them to approach you (or a designated person) with their questions, concerns, or suggestions. This shows that your workplace values relationships and community, and helps workers start off on a more comfortable and level playing field, where they can feel like a valued part of a team.

5. Focus on the basics on day 1.

Get the minutiae out of the way on day 1. Details like logging into the computer system, how to clock in or out, and even where to find the toilets, should be among the first order of business. These simple tasks can immediately give a new employee a grasp of your organisation and make them feel like they are off to a solid start.

6. Plan to have lunch with the new employee.

A first day in a new job can be intimidating. As a hiring manager or boss, plan to treat your new employee to a special lunch or organise a plan that ensures they don’t eat alone. This crucial step can help an employee gain confidence and comfort and starts building personal relationships and a sense of belonging right from day one.

7. Provide clear context for their role.

During your induction, be sure to address an employee’s place within the organisation as a whole. Without context and an understanding of the company hierarchy, a new hire can feel lost at sea. Giving them a framework for their place in the business helps them to feel like an irreplaceable member of the team, and not just a cog in the system. In addition, it gives them a knowledge of where their responsibility lies and helps them know who to report to or how to address their needs.

With these 7 tips, you’ll have your induction processes off to a fantastic start. But first, you’ll need exceptional employees. For the finest available candidates that will be a great fit for your organisation, give On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire a call today.

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