5 Tips for Writing a Great CV

5 Tips for Writing a Great CV

5 Tips for Writing a Great CV

  • January 27th, 2015
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Attention job seekers! Are you hoping to land the position of your dreams? Looking for a fresh start in a new industry? Aiming to climb the corporate ladder with aspirations for an executive position? All of these goals require many elements (not the least of which is hard work), but you can’t acquire these roles without the necessary application processes, including writing and submitting an excellent CV to help you shine. Today, our team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has compiled a list of 5 top tips to help you write that winning CV, to help you get one step closer to securing the job you want.

1. Tailor your CV to the position you’re applying for, rewriting as necessary

Whenever you’re applying for a new position, you should adjust your CV to suit the desired role as much as possible. That may mean highlighting certain skills more prominently or emphasising previous duties at a past employer. A good tip is to use the job description (or a sample description of a similar position), and try and integrate some of the relevant key words or phrases into your own CV. This will help you stand out, even in a quick scan of your documents.

2. Demonstrate your confidence. Now is not the time to be modest.

Many candidates are afraid their CV will make them sound too proud or overly confident. While you don’t want to give an impression of cockiness or an overinflated sense of self, hiring managers certainly want to see a potential employee who is confident in his or her abilities. You’re proud of your achievements, and this should be evident in your CV. Most of the time it’s better to err on the side of bold confidence than to remain “safe” with your self-assessment.

3. There is no room for grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.

Check, check, and re-check your CV and application materials. With stiff competition these days in the job market, it’s important to present your most impeccable work. Small errors may not be noticed, but a perfect, polished presentation is much more likely to be rewarded. You especially don’t want to include “attention to detail” as a personal attribute if you aren’t submitting a flawless CV.

4. Have an introduction or summary at the top which emphasises your skills, career achievements, and what you uniquely bring to a position.

Possibly the most important section of your CV is your short introduction, included at the top of the first page. This is where you quickly “sell” yourself to a prospective employer. Be brief, but work hard on this section to ensure it provides a solid and thorough overview and paints you in the most favourable and impressive light. This is the ideal section in which to include personal career achievements. Rather than simply including previous career experience or job duties, demonstrate how your work in that role contributed something significant and meaningful to a project or to the company as a whole.

5. Remain clear, concise, and direct.

A well-written CV does not require the inclusion of every single one of your past employment experiences or pieces of your educational history. It’s far better to be straightforward, concise, and present a more bare-bones CV if it includes the relevant information and will “sell” you to a client. Overly-packed, complex CVs can be overwhelming; packing all your details into a few pages can seem like you’re “stuffing” your CV. Rather, choose those positions and experiences which best reflect you as a potential employee and which are best suited to the position to which you’re applying. This will give you the best chance of being selected, and your prospective employer will be grateful for your uncluttered, candid CV.


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