Do I Need A Cover Letter?

Do I Need A Cover Letter?

Yes. Always.

Nine times out of ten a job listing will ask for one anyway, but even if it isn’t a requirement, knowing how to write a good cover letter, will give you an advantage over other jobseekers.

In fact, some of the employers we work with say that a good cover letter can carry more weight than a resume. Let’s find out why.

Are Cover Letters Necessary?

Many jobseekers assume that cover letters no longer matter because no one reads them, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is many employers and recruitment agencies won’t even read your resume unless your cover letter meets a certain standard. Therefore, you should always include a cover letter, particularly when:

  • The job listing asks for a cover letter
  • You are applying for a position that hasn’t been advertised (from a referral for example)
  • You have an extensive professional work history

On the contrary, if you don’t have a lot of work experience, a cover letter is an effective way to communicate your enthusiasm for the position and demonstrate your knowledge of the role and/or the company. 

The Value Of A Cover Letter 

If a job ad requests a cover letter and you don’t include one, you can almost guarantee that you won’t get the job. The purpose of a cover letter is to demonstrate that your skills and experience match those required to perform the advertised role, and that you have done some background research on the company. Most importantly, a cover letter shows that you have READ the job description, you can follow instructions and have solid communication skills. 

A cover letter can also help you explain gaps in your work history or career changes. Employers value life experience as well as work experience, so don’t be afraid to be honest about your choices. 

Cover Letter Format

If you have no experience writing cover letters, you can search for a cover letter template online. A cover letter template will help you get the basic layout right before you get started on the important stuff.

The golden rule of cover letters is to write a separate one for each job you apply for. Don’t fall into the trap of repurposing cover letters. A good cover letter will:

  • Contain all your contact information and a brief introduction
  • Specify exactly how your skills and experience relate to the job description
  • Explain how you will be an asset to the company
  • Highlight your most significant achievements

Keep your cover letter to a single page and write short paragraphs. This article from Forbes contains some more great cover letter writing tips.

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