When Your New Recruit Doesn’t Work Out

Recruit Fail

In a perfect world, you’d put out a call for a new employee and magically, two dozen outstanding candidates would appear out of nowhere. You’d be spoilt for choice and could hire one on the spot.

Unfortunately, the reality of the hiring process isn’t quite so simple. While the right approach can give you a much better chance at sourcing the ideal individual to join your team, even the most well-intentioned methods don’t always turn out the way we wish. Sometimes, new recruits don’t work out.

For a range of reasons, new hires sometimes don’t fit in with your organisation. It may not even be a question of the employee’s skills or performance. Whatever the situation may be, if your new staff member doesn’t work out, what do you do? What are the next steps to take? Read on to find out.

Try a Premier Recruitment Agency

If you sourced a new employee on your own via advertisements or another method, you may not have the luck you’d hoped. It can often be tough to identify the ideal candidate right out of the gate and traditional job postings frequently fail to attract the right candidates or even accurately describe the open role. If such a circumstance has occurred in your business, you may want to consider partnering with an experienced employment expert. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has many years sourcing and hiring excellent staff members.
Perhaps you need a new recruit and fast? We’ll do our best to help expedite the process, though finding the perfect long-term permanent hire is typically a more time-intensive project. You could also consider temporary recruitment and labour hire if you want to put off the permanent hire and get the position filled immediately by an experienced professional. We have a candidate database with over 7,000 skilled workers ready to start.

Let Us Make Good

Perhaps you made the choice to work with us on identifying top talent. If On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire has introduced you to your new hire, but the candidate fails to work out, we’d love you to cash in on our recruitment guarantee. Our guarantee states that if someone placed in your service by our agency leaves your employment within six weeks, we’ll efficiently find you a new recruit–at absolutely no cost to you.

Our recruitment guarantee sets us apart from other agencies as well as from other hiring methodologies. With the vast resources we have available to us, it’s much easier for our team to swiftly find you a new candidate–particularly one who is skilled, experienced, and meets your organisation’s requirements. Throughout the recruitment process we’ll have worked closely with you to understand your business’ needs; this makes us ideally equipped to assist in sourcing fresh recruits.

Examine What Isn’t Working

Maybe you just can’t seem to find the right individual to fill a role. Perhaps you’ve had multiple new hires fail to work out. If this type of issue is at hand, it’s time to take a closer look at what is causing the problem. Sometimes internal systems are to blamed. Are new recruits given a proper, thorough induction that ensures they have a solid start? Is there ongoing support for challenging tasks?

At other times, the problem begins during recruitment. Maybe the posted advertisements need to be reassessed or the sought qualifications adjusted. In some situations, positions within your company may be in a transition period, changing to require new skills or duties. When you’ve partnered with a recruitment agency like us, we can work together to review and make necessary changes that fit this transformation. This can improve your current and future recruitment processes in amazing ways.

Ready to get started with an agency that offers a genuine recruitment guarantee? Give the friendly team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire a call or email today.