6 Hiring Myths: Busted!

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6 Hiring Myths: Busted!

  • June 06th, 2016
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Rumours, tall tales, urban legends, preconceived notions. Do most of us have it all wrong when it comes to hiring? Whether you’re an employer or a jobseeker, there are several common myths and misconceptions that pervade the recruitment industry. Is hiring really as black and white as one might believe?

Before you consign yourself to a world where qualifications are all that hiring managers are looking for, or a society in which no good candidates exist, take the time to hear the truth from someone who knows. On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire have years of professional experience in the recruitment and hiring industry, and today we’re busting 6 common employment myths wide open.

1. Recruitment agencies can only find job seekers temporary employment.

If you’re looking for full time, permanent employment, a frequent misconception is that using a recruitment agency is a waste of your time. This is not the case. While it’s true that recruiters have an abundance of temporary roles available, there are many vacancies in long-term positions as well. Even more importantly, temporary jobs give you a chance to show your skills. These roles quite often expand into permanent positions, or your excellent effort for an employer may put you first in line for a future in-house vacancy.

2. Using a recruitment agency involves a long and laborious process.

Many employers dismiss recruitment because they suspect it is a lengthy and complicated process; one that is drawn out over time yet yields substandard results. This is vastly untrue. While recruitment processes do vary based on the role and the needs of the client, quite regularly suitable candidates are identified and hired within a matter of weeks. If expediency is of great importance, a recruitment agency can put your employment search on high priority–or help you fill a role quickly with a temporary hire.

3. Having many different jobs listed on your resume can turn off potential employers.

There’s a certain ongoing notion that individuals who bounce from job to job don’t appeal to potential employers. While a record of multiple stints lasting only a month or two is not a wholly positive indicator, having a rich and varied job history is not necessarily the detriment it is believed to be. In fact, individuals who have tried their hand in many different jobs often simply need to find the right position. A savvy recruiter can achieve that ideal match. As well, a wealth of skills and experiences can prove advantageous in a wide range of roles.

4. Broadening your search for new staff gets better results.

An outdated school of thought suggests that employers can expand their chances to find that perfect candidate by exhaustively posting advertisements on multiple job boards. In fact, studies (and experience) show that this poses no significant benefit. Instead, a targeted recruitment campaign is far more successful at sourcing appropriate potential employees. Not only is such an approach more effective, it also saves time and resources–two things smart business owners can never have enough of.

5. The perfect employee exists.

A big time hiring myth: the perfect employee is out there somewhere. While a talented recruitment agency will get you as close as possible to the ideal worker, it’s good to remember that perfection does not exist. The whole package is a good goal to aim for: qualifications, skills, experience, character, attitude, etc. But the best fit for your company may in fact be an employee that excels in only a few of these areas. As a leading recruitment agency, we suggest remaining open-minded to finding the top candidate who matches your company’s goals and needs.

6. Only big companies should use recruiters.

Recruitment agencies can assist businesses and organisations of all industries, scopes, and sizes in finding experienced and highly-skilled candidates. In fact, small businesses sometimes receive an even greater benefit from working with a recruiter, as the agency may possess many more industry connections than a modestly-sized business. This can be an excellent pathway to ongoing hiring success.

Ready to take the next step? Whether you’re an employer seeking fresh talent for your team or a jobseeker looking to land your dream role, On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire can help. Give us a call today to get the process started.

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