7 Skills You Might Be Forgetting to Add to Your Resume

Skills to Add to Your Resume

7 Skills You Might Be Forgetting to Add to Your Resume

Your resume or CV is a big deal when it comes to the job search. On this document is contained your work history, employment references, and your skills and experiences, listed neatly for potential employers to see. If you’re like most candidates, you put a significant amount of effort into honing your resume so that it paints you at your best.

While you’re building an accurate and impressive resume, it is possible you’re forgetting to include some of the great skills you’ve got in your possession. So pull out your resume, and check for these 7 essential skills you might be missing.


Even if you’re not applying for a leadership role, employers like to have employees who can take charge and be a positive influence on the rest of the team.


In many of today’s professional careers, computer knowledge is a must. On your resume, highlight what particular skills you’ve got. Programming skills? Great at social media? Add it to the list, even if only slightly relevant to the role.

Research and analysis

Employers like to see candidates who are strong thinkers, who have the ability to gather information and assess it with an objective, rational mind. Problem-solving goes along with this, too.

Foreign language skills

Bilingual? Brag about it! Foreign language skills may not only be useful to you in a job, they can demonstrate the strength of your overall communication abilities as well.

Excellent work ethic

It’s important to be honest on a resume, but some candidates have a killer work ethic. If that’s you, go ahead and proudly add that to your list. If you always prioritise work, love giving 100% each and every day, and are known for exceptionally hard work, your awesome work ethic should definitely be among your resume skills.

Adaptable and collaborative

Your resume should show that you’re able to work well with a team. Having adaptability or flexibility lets employers know that you can go with the flow, or jump in and help as needed. Collaborative skills show that you are a team player who values the ideas and input of others.

Strong decision-making skills

Lastly, decision-making skills can be a great addition to your resume. Being decisive is an excellent quality, and in some industries and roles, is especially valuable. Feel free to share quick examples of this skill in action (or other skills, too), if you think it could be relevant and helpful.

Many of these on the list above are considered “soft skills,” abilities that generally are gleaned over years of experience and can’t be taught, unlike “hard skills” which refer more to specific practical abilities (typing, computer knowledge, etc). While both are important for candidates in the job search, be sure you’re highlighting your soft skills. Employers often hire for attitude and based on first impressions, and showcasing these “people”-based skills in your resume could help you better land that interview and get the chance to strut your stuff in person.

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