8 Things That Might Be Killing Your Productivity

Killing your productivity

8 Things That Might Be Killing Your Productivity

Here at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we don’t just want to help you find the very best employees to fill your staff ranks, we also aim to help you be your best in business. There are many factors which go into making a company a success. Whether you own a huge enterprise that employs hundreds, a small local business with a staff under 10, or even if you’re a solo entrepreneur—your biz demands time and effort.

One of the most significant problems that plagues employees and management alike is productivity. Human nature often makes it difficult for us to get done what we know we need to get done. An important task can sometimes be the toughest thing on our list. Beating procrastination back is essential to being productive and effective, but how can you do so? We’ve previously shared some tips to help you improve your productivity in the workplace, but today we’re focusing on those elements which might be holding you back. These 8 things may be killing your productivity, and it’s time to change them.

Checking email first thing in the morning

Do you wake up and immediately scroll through your inbox? This could be hurting your productivity, grabbing your attention and making you focus on matters that don’t need immediate solutions. Instead, set aside a time each day to read and respond to emails—preferably after you’ve gotten some of the day’s tasks completed.

Not delegating tasks

If you’re in a management or supervisory position, don’t try to handle every task on your own. When possible, delegate to fellow staff members. This not only frees you up to focus your attention where it’s most needed, it can also help build a better team in the workplace.

Social media

No surprise here; social media is one of the biggest time wasters. It might be tough, but you have to be determined to fight this productivity beast. Avoid endlessly surfing your Facebook feed. Block sites if you have to. And if you have to use social media as part of your job, schedule specific, strict time frames in which to do so

Saving the biggest tasks for last

It’s so easy to tackle the smaller projects first. This can occasionally be effective, but sometimes, it leads to you spending hours on meaningless little tasks, and the major projects never get done. If that happens to you, try instead beginning your day with the most important work. When that’s checked off the list, you’ll have an open afternoon to tend to the more menial items.

Focusing on non-essentials.

Do you get bogged down in the details? Make sure you’re able to consistently return back to the essentials in the workplace: things that make real progress, drive sales, improve customer experience, etc. These differ among industries, but make sure you’re not letting your time get frittered away in the non-essentials. Pro tip: Create a vision board to help you visualise your overarching goals.

Failing to take breaks

It’s all about the hustle, right? Well, maybe. If you’re working nonstop, never taking breaks, and eating lunch at your desk, it might be time to reign that hustle in. Working hard is great, but you’ll ultimately be more productive if you take the time away that you need (and deserve). Pencil in regular breaks and don’t forget to prioritise your own well being. This keeps you at your best.

Setting your goals too high

Ambition is great, and can be a serious boost for productivity, but not if you’re aiming too high. Reassess your goals if you feel you’re trying to get too much done in one day or if you have unreasonable expectations for your own performance. Dialing back those goals can ensure you actually achieve more—and be more productive.

Not understanding how you work best

Lastly, you may be hurting your productivity by not creating a schedule and system that works for you. Everyone has a different way of approaching tasks. Keep experimenting until you find the method that helps you work hard, fast, and smart.

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