DISC Profiling for a Balanced Workplace


DISC Profiling for a Balanced Workplace

  • April 15th, 2015
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What makes for the ideal work environment? Flexible scheduling? A team atmosphere? Many factors contribute to creating a successful and balanced workplace, but more and more companies are discovering that a key element is the strong diversity of minds and personalities. Essentially, a business or organisation will be stifled if the staff pool is overly homogeneous: there’s no variety or creativity when everyone thinks the same. Conversely, businesses thrive when there is a range of backgrounds, attitudes, and approaches. This makes for better business, and more well-rounded approach in all aspects.

So, how can you ensure that your workplace is balanced in this way? One excellent tool that has grown wildly popular with many business owners is DISC profiling. DISC, an acronym which stands for dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance, is a behavioural assessment tool which examines how individuals function within a work environment. Results point to the ways in which we interact with coworkers and management, deal with conflict, approach customers, and plan and delegate tasks.

How Does it Work?

DISC tests and assessments can be accessed online from a variety of sources. For the most accurate results, look for a reputable resource. The process involves a questionnaire, typically offering multiple choice answers for each question. After the test is finished, an individual is scored in each of the 4 DISC areas, typically displaying more dominance in one area. The personalised assessment paves the way for better self-understanding, and provides opportunities for improvement and discussion. DISC profiling can really help your entire company enhance their work.

Practical Applications

DISC results are focused primarily on work behaviours. Looking at one’s results can be very telling, indicating both strengths and weaknesses. In the workplace, DISC profiling can be effective in assessing and boosting productivity, learning to handle conflict, increasing motivation, honing customer service skills, discovering work habits, and setting goals. Understanding their own personal patterns can be tremendously helpful and positive for employees, encouraging them to improve in certain areas while celebrating the strengths they already possess.

DISC Profiling in Your Workplace

Bringing DISC profiling into your business can be a great asset. Employees are likely to enjoy the easy assessment, and the results will be beneficial to them. As they discover truths about their work patterns and tendencies, discussion is fostered and encouraged between colleagues. This leads to your staff learning how to better communicate with one another and how to support one another’s differences. Certain types respond better to certain communication styles or ways of receiving information. This knowledge can aid employees in approaching those types in the most effective manner. This developed understanding can have a wonderful impact on team spirit, camaraderie, and morale.

Should you find that many of your employees score similarly, this is a great clue that it may be time to look for more diversity in type when hiring. The variety of types balances out the workplace, creating a stronger structure and a better sense of equanimity.

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