What Happy Employees Love About their Jobs

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What Happy Employees Love About their Jobs

An employer’s goal is to find, hire, and keep the top tier of employees. Excellent workers are an undeniable asset to any business, but many employers find it is harder to retain those staff members over time. Why is this? Is this happening to you? If you, like other business owners, are finding it difficult to keep your best employees, the problem may be found within the workplace itself. Creating an environment of positive energy, promoting meaningful and productive work, and getting your employees actively engaged—these are all pieces of a solid work puzzle. Do the right things, and you’ll have devoted employees for life. Fail to do them, and you’ll be faced with rapid and ongoing turnover. So, what exactly do employees want from you, the employer? Here is what happy employees love about their jobs:

Work that challenges, but doesn’t overwhelm

No matter the industry, employees prefer tasks and projects that present a fair challenge. This keeps work interesting and can help provide a tangible sense of achievement. An overload of mindless, mundane tasks doesn’t only fail to engage your employee, it leaves them feeling frustrated and unhappy.

An element of flexibility & freedom

Today’s modern worker wants a greater degree of flexibility in their scheduling and in their work style. Are you able to allow team members to occasionally work from home? Can you allow your employees to choose their own hours? Provide more opportunities for personal time off? These small changes will go a long way towards keeping your team content.

A clear and straightforward hierarchy and system of processes

Few employees can stand a disorganised workplace. The most successful businesses (and those where employees report being happiest) are those with clear structures of authority as well as well-patterned and documented work processes. Your employees should know exactly who they report to and how to manage their everyday tasks with ease.

Accessible management

The management team should be easy to reach for every single employee. Not only that, but they should foster an environment of open communication. This sets a precedent for a team environment and a “we’re all in this together” mindset. This creates a healthier workplace and lets employees know that their opinion—and their work—matters.

Clear expectations

Employees like knowing what is expected of them, and being rewarded for a job well done. Clear expectations provide a chance for employees to go above and beyond, too, offering a sense of accomplishment when they take initiative and exceed the norm.

Opportunities for growth

An employee who feels stagnant is more likely to be unhappy and dissatisfied with their work situation. Are you providing opportunities for growth and advancement? This could include training sessions, coursework, or other chances to move forward (both career-related and not).

A comfortable work environment

The workplace itself should be conducive to productivity. Is the space comfortable, well-lit, kept cool/warm? What is each employee’s individual workspace like? You might even consider installing a gym space or even just a better breakroom. Any improvements that can be made in this department can go a long way towards boosting team morale.

Real benefits

Employees enjoy working for companies who provide them with genuine benefits. Why should this employee work for you versus your competitor? Great benefits help confirm you as an excellent employer and better yet, contribute to an overall higher quality of life for your workers.

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