How to Ask For a Pay Rise


How to Ask For a Pay Rise

  • January 01st, 2016
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There comes a time in every employee’s life, when he or she feels an increase in rate of pay would be helpful and well-deserved.

Perhaps you have been employed in the same position for a few years and you know that you’ve made significant, positive contributions to your workplace. A great way for your time and efforts to be rewarded would be through a pay rise. Often, these occur automatically in some organisations, or according to a specific time schedule. But if it has been awhile since you’ve seen a growth in your salary, or you’ve made important achievements which you feel warrant one, it may be the right time to ask your boss about a pay rise. What is the proper approach for requesting a pay rise? Here are some suggestions for how to negotiate this sensitive topic in the workplace.

Sometimes You Have to Be Your Own Biggest Advocate

The prospect of asking your boss for more money, can, admittedly, make you a bit nervous. But at the heart of the matter, it is vital to remember that you have every right to request that your pay reflect the level of work you’re providing. If you genuinely feel that you’ve earned an increase in pay, stay confident, but be prepared to showcase to management the specific contributions and achievements you’ve had. When you get the opportunity to advocate on your own behalf, share clear examples of what you’ve done and how it has benefitted the organisation. Remain confident, mature, and respectful when approaching this matter, and you’ll have a great chance of obtaining the pay rise you seek.

Choose the Right Time to Ask

When it comes to asking for a pay rise, consider your timing carefully. You probably don’t want to approach this topic when your employer has just announced cut backs or financial problems. This can put unnecessary strain on the business (and your employer will see it that way), and it is also probably not the best time to find your superiors in a relaxed and giving mood.
A smart move may be to broach the subject following a work anniversary or other milestone. This allows for the opportunity for an automatic pay rise or other benefit, and if one hasn’t happened, you can decide how to proceed. Recently been promoted or taken on additional responsibilities at work? This is also an ideal opportunity to suggest a pay rise to your boss, as you can easily backup your request with tangible evidence of the way you’re contributing to the workplace.

Approach in the Proper Way

If you have decided that you are going to move forward and speak to your boss or manager regarding a possible pay rise, you need to be sure to plan the discussion properly. Don’t simply pop into their office to make your request. Instead, email the individual who makes decisions regarding pay and ask for a “pay review meeting.” This provides plenty of notice for this person to consider your request, and allows them to be in the proper frame of mind when discussing the matter. It also gives you plenty of time to prepare your case, and may give your boss an opportunity to observe your work for a short period prior to the meeting (so be sure to keep up the excellent efforts!).

Dealing Appropriately With the Result

Once you’ve put in your request, you’ll find out either during the meeting or shortly after. Ideally, you’ll receive the pay rise you desired (always a good reason to have a specific and reasonable figure in mind). If a financial increase is not in the cards, you may be able to negotiate non-monetary perks and benefits.

Perhaps your employer is unwilling to offer you a pay rise just now or any other reward benefits. If this is the case, politely ask if your request can be considered again in the next few months. For more firm negative responses, you can ask for further feedback about your performance or the decision. A good employer will be honest and clear about their choice and offer suggestions for how to improve for the future.

Move on to Better Things

If you find your employer is not offering the possibility of fair, equitable pay rises, perhaps it is time to seek new work with a new organisation. If you’re looking for a role with a great company, come chat with us at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire. We’re the pros at matching top talent with exceptional employers across Australia.

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