5 Productivity Hacks for Your Staff to Try


5 Productivity Hacks for Your Staff to Try

  • May 29th, 2017
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Rare is the one among us who does not occasionally struggle with productivity. There are a lot of barriers to getting things done—from small tasks that interrupt more important work to the (often welcome) distractions that arise throughout the day. Productivity problems can plague both business owners and their staff. But both the successful entrepreneur and the well-performing employee must learn to tackle these challenges head on if they wish to ultimately improve their productivity. Why not try these 5 hacks that can help you be more productive immediately?

1. Designate the “crucial tasks” and place your focus there.

One excellent productivity method is to decide daily upon as many as three “crucial tasks.” These are the most pressing matters you need to attend to; the items you must check off your to-do list. Determining these at the start of your day can provide an integral focused energy, and aiming to get these things completed first can provide a sense of accomplishment that propels you to get even more done.

2. Institute regular breaks and movement.

Productivity does not mean sitting and working straight through the day. Rather, the most productive people are those who understand the importance of a well-placed respite. To give your best, schedule regular breaks and take them. Getting up and moving can refresh your body and your mind, so a brisk 10-minute walk is ideal. Can’t get out and about? Even standing up a bit every hour or so can help get your blood flowing and result in better productivity following the break.

3. Change up the routine.

If you’re aiming to get your staff to be more productive, one great idea is to alter the expected routine. When employees work day in and day out on the same tasks, it is easy for them to go on “autopilot” and maybe work more slowly and less purposefully. Where possible, trade your staff members’ tasks so that they can face a fresh new challenge. This keeps the brain muscles working and prevents boredom from the “expected.” Give this productivity hack a try this week and see if your team shows a boost in their work energy.

4. Avoid micromanaging your team members.

Another major productivity tip for bosses is to step back and let your employees do their jobs. It is tempting to micromanage every detail, thinking that this will ensure fewer problems and will increase productivity. The opposite is true, however. Employees who have less agency in their work are more likely to lack direction and engagement with their tasks. Instead, allowing staff to bring their own flair to their work gives them a chance to find their “groove” and develop their best level of productivity.

5. Automate where possible.

It is an era of automation, and in the workplace, this can yield incredible productivity. It’s worth investigating the myriad of options for business automation and sampling a few of these for your own. When you take the human element out of basic, simple tasks, it can be a gamechanger. Automation could cover time tracking, invoicing, or even supply orders. Experiment with the various tools available to you and see how even these small changes can explode your productivity.

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