Questions to Ask a Recruiter (A Guide For Employers)

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Questions to Ask a Recruiter (A Guide For Employers)

  • May 27th, 2016
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Are you thinking of utilising the services of an experienced recruitment agency in your next search for staff? At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we naturally think this is an excellent idea, and not simply because recruitment is our business. In today’s post, we want to show you how you can discover for yourself the difference a talented recruiter can make. And the best way to find out if a recruitment agency is right for you is to ask questions. This guide will demonstrate effective questions you might want to ask before taking the plunge and partnering up with a recruitment agency. Asking these–or similar–questions will assist you in better determining if a recruiter will meet your hiring needs.

What are some of your most recent successful placements?

When speaking with a potential recruiter, be sure to ask them about organisations with which they’ve recently connected great candidates. Not only will this indicate what type of companies and industries they have experience with, it can demonstrate previous roles they’ve helped to fill. As an employer, you may feel more confident in selecting a recruiter who has significant experience placing new hires specifically in your field. Lastly, this question can reveal if the placements by this recruitment agency have been long-lasting, effective fits. You can also ask about unsuccessful recruits, if you choose, and how those are dealt with.

What happens if I am unsatisfied with my new hire?

If you’re considering using a recruitment agency for a long-term or permanent placement, you will want to know what to expect should your new employee not work out for whatever reason. While a top recruiter will endeavour to create positive employment solutions for both clients and candidates, life does happen. To account for this, we at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire proudly offer a recruitment guarantee. For any employee that you hire via our introduction, if he or she leaves your employment within a six-week period, our team will recruit a suitable replacement at zero cost to you.

Do you have experience with a situation like ours?

Do you feel you have a unique employment situation that needs expert attention? Inquiring with a potential recruiter candidly about your needs and requirements can help put everyone on the same page moving forward. Finding out if a recruiter has experience with a situation similar to your own can also be a great sign of an experienced professional. Even with different circumstances, asking this question allows you to find out a little more about how a recruitment agency operates and how they deal with challenges and unusual situations.

We need workers for only a short period: can you help?

Many hiring managers and business owners mistakenly believe that recruitment agencies are geared towards permanent placement only. However, recruiters can assist with the whole range of employment options. At our agency, we manage temporary recruitment and labour hire services. When your needs include skilled workers for a flexible project or busy seasonal period, labour hire is your ideal option, leaving us to handle the nitty gritty details for you. If you have temporary employment needs, we can absolutely help you out.

How does the process work?

Asking for an overview of a recruiter’s whole process is a highly beneficial inquiry. Understanding the entire approach to sourcing candidates, assessing them, interviewing, and hiring, as well as other elements of recruitment, can go a long way towards increasing your trust in a recruitment agency. Not only that, but you’ll be better equipped to ensure you provide the recruiter with all the necessary details to assist them in their process.

Ready to ask these questions (and more) of a top Australian recruitment agency? Our team at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire will be happy to chat with you and show you exactly how advantageous using a recruiter can be.

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