Taking Stage: Women in Nontraditional Careers

Male and Female Roles

Taking Stage: Women in Nontraditional Careers

  • July 01st, 2015
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All you have to do is take a look around you to see that the world is changing. And it is doing so in a myriad of positive ways.

That change is growing more and more apparent in the world of work, where women are making strides and expanding their presence in formerly “male dominated” industries. According to research completed by Women NSW, women are gaining ground in what was commonly believed to be ‘’men’s work”– fields such as engineering, information technology, and horticulture, among others.

Why the Divide?

It all goes back to what we believe of history. In many ancient cultures, it is suspected that men were traditionally the hunters of the community, heading out to slay wild beasts for meat and other resources. Conversely, it is believed that women played the roles of gatherers, responsible for organising, collecting, and arranging goods. This loose idea may be indicative of prevailing attitudes throughout generations. Even today, there exists an underlying understanding that there may be inherent male occupations vs. female occupations. The Harvard Implicit Association Test revealed that a majority of test takers paired male names with traditionally masculine professions, and vice versa. Other results showed that 70% of test takers associated ‘male’ with science, and ‘female’ with the arts. These biases are based in cultural patterns that have continued for centuries. Fortunately, these boundaries and divisions are being obliterated in our present day, as we as a society recognise that women can do everything that men can do.

Steps Forward

Women NSW is a part of the NSW government and is dedicated to increasing the amount of Australian women employed in male-dominated trades. Through several partnerships and strategies, Women NSW is pursuing initiatives to draw women into these industries and to provide them with the proper support, training, and encouragement to seek out such careers. Girls in Trades is one such valuable program that assists high school aged girls to consider nontraditional careers, particularly those in the trades. Helping young women to develop these marketable skills and feel comfortable and supported in pursuing these nontraditional roles is imperative to altering the current employment landscape.

On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire Supports Women in Nontraditional Professions

On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is proud to be a forward-thinking organisation that encourages positive social change. Gender equality goes hand-in-hand with acceptance of women in nontraditional occupations. Thus, we support this movement wholeheartedly. In our agency, we assist female candidates to find the best possible job matches for their skills, experience, and career goals. We search openings in all industries and fields, regardless of gender. We also encourage all candidates to pursue opportunities that interest them and we champion further training and education for all who seek it.

Are you a woman in a nontraditional occupation seeking employment? On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire is anxious to help you. Get in touch with us today to start the exciting job search process with the knowledge and full support of a qualified recruitment agency.

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