Employers are from Mars, Candidates are From Venus Or, What Do Employers Want?


Employers are from Mars, Candidates are From Venus Or, What Do Employers Want?

  • August 22nd, 2016
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Seeking new employment is much like playing the dating game. The classic joke claims that men and women are from different planets and will never fully understand one another. Could the same be said of employers and employees? Without good communication and a good match, will the dream of a successful partnership ever come true?

In this romance, of course, it most often seems that employers are the ones playing “hard to get.” To succeed in the world of employment, it may be up to potential employees to figure out what the employers are looking for. What do they want? Who is the perfect person to fill their open role? Once these questions are answered, candidates can begin to woo their potential employer.

In many love stories, a helpful sidekick comes along to offer advice and wisdom to the would-be Romeo or Juliet. This “wing man” knows a lot about love and is there to help his friend succeed. Today, we’d like you to think of On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire as your ultimate employment wingman! We’ll give you that little boost to help you discover just what it is employers want—and how YOU can show them that you’re exactly what they’ve been searching for all along.

Soulmates—the Perfect Employees—Do Not Exist

Let’s get one thing straight. There are no perfect employees, and no perfect employers. Getting rid of such unreasonable expectations of perfection does everyone good. Now we are free to be our very best as ourselves: as both employers and employees.

Wise employers are not seeking that “soulmate” match. Instead, they have realigned their expectations in search of a partnership that will benefit both individual parties. The key now is figuring out the qualities, skills, and attributes your potential employer is after. Vital details can be gleaned by researching the company’s values and mission statement, as well as by dissecting the published job description. This is just the beginning of deciphering what employers want.

A Great First Impression

The employee interview is like a first date—and in fact, both parties are nervous in this situation, too! Employers are hoping you’ll be the outstanding candidate they’ve been looking for. Therefore, it’s vital to give a stellar first impression.

Presenting a professional appearance is the right place to start, but employers look for more beyond their initial response. You must enter the interview situation projecting confidence, a positive attitude, and a pleasant demeanor. Those first few seconds of entering the room are important, and will influence the interviewer greatly. Once you’ve got the basics prepared, you can focus on providing awesome, memorable responses and asking the right questions. This puts you one step closer to nabbing the employment you desire.

A Winning Personality

Good looks and a sparkling personality? While employers may seek specific qualities in their team members, the vast majority seek a range of similar, general character traits. These commonly include a good attitude, an amicable nature, adaptability, communication strengths, a willingness to try new things, self-motivation, and attention to detail.

If these things aren’t immediately evident in your working life, learn ways to cultivate them. These “soft skills” will assist you immeasurably in any part of your career path, and will also be beneficial throughout other areas of your life. One of the qualities that may stand out most to potential employers is adaptability or flexibility. Life changes, and a good employer will be flexible with you as well, but when it’s needed, your employer hopes for team members who can readily adapt to new information, new schedules, and new processes. Those willing to jump in and try something fresh and unfamiliar will be deeply appreciated by their employers.

A Reliable Partner

As in love, a partnership depends on building trust and loyalty. It should come as no surprise that employers want to hire someone they can depend on; an employee they can trust. This is especially true if the employer is recruiting for a permanent position. Employers want a strong, solid work ethic, and they intend to build a union that will go the distance. They desire an employee who shows initiative and can be trusted with greater responsibility as time passes.

A Great Catch

On the dating scene, those with something extra to offer are in high demand. In love, this may be wealth or good looks. In the world of work, this is more likely to be a high-demand skill. Do you have significant knowledge in a specialised field? You may have a definite edge over other candidates because of this wisdom. In tech fields, which are continuously advancing, there are a variety of skills which are particularly vital, and make those candidates who possess them much sought after. The lesson? Make yourself most attractive to potential workplaces by brushing up on your skills and certifications. A little more training never hurts!

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Alas, even the savviest of us sometimes need help in love. The same is true in the recruitment industry. Enter the matchmaker! At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we’re not only an employment wingman, we’re your best matchmaker. Let us find you incredible opportunities that fit with your background and goals and introduce you to the ideal employer match. Our services for jobseekers are totally free, so what have you got to lose? Get in touch with us ASAP. You never know: love (and your dream job) could be just around the corner.

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