Need a Productivity Boost? Try These 4 Things

Productivity. It’s something many of us seem to struggle with at one time or another. But unfortunately, life demands that we are productive. There’s work to be done, chores to complete, and plans to accomplish. Remaining productive throughout your day (and throughout your week) is very important. How can you keep your motivation going strong?

Fortunately, plenty of research has been done regarding productivity. With a little Internet investigation, it’s fairly easy to find a realm of useful tips and tricks to help you develop better work habits. Some suggestions will even provide you with an instant productivity boost: a vital aid when you’re running on fumes.

Need a quick fix? Look no further. If you’re seeking to improve your productivity, particularly in the workplace or on the job hunt, you should give these 4 things a try.

The Pomodoro Technique

You may have heard of the Pomodoro Technique or the “tomato timer” method. This is a very simple method of time management, but one that many successful people swear by. The name comes from the tomato-shaped timer that the technique’s inventor used when timing his work. Essentially, you spend 25 timed minutes completely focused on a task. When your timer goes off after 25 minutes, you are allowed a 5 minute break. After a series of 4 “pomodoros,” or 25-minute intervals, you can enjoy a longer break of 20 or 30 minutes. Then repeat the process. Give this method a try and see if it doesn’t make your time management better—and more fun!

Break Your Task Down into Manageable Steps

Whether you’re timing yourself or not, you can increase your productivity by making large tasks appear more manageable. If you’re feeling really unmotivated, even simple to-dos can be broken down into their smaller parts. Write down each step or “microstep”, and then set out to complete them, one at a time. If even the first step seems insurmountable, break it down even further. This approach can feel counterproductive at first, but as you move forward with completing each step, you’re that much closer to your ultimate goal. This is a great technique to adopt when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Try the “Two Minute” Rule

What can you accomplish in two minutes? There are a surprisingly large number of simple, mundane tasks that can be completed in 120 seconds. If you’re feeling a productivity slump, re-energise yourself by using the two minute rule. Make a list of a half dozen tasks you can complete in under two minutes. Then, set a timer, and start on each one. You’ll find that, in just 12 minutes or so, you’ve handled small (perhaps even irksome) tasks that you’ve been neglecting. Give it a try and see if you can answer emails, update passwords, or brainstorm for a future project. What you can do in short periods just might be the perfect motivator to keep working hard!

Delegate What You Can

Many people find they suffer not from a lack of motivation, but from an overflowing to do list. Are you unproductive, or are you simply overwhelmed? The key may be delegation. Trusting your employees or colleagues to handle tasks for you can make a major difference in your workday. For some, this means learning to relinquish control. But for anyone who wisely learns to delegate, productivity is boosted, as you discover exactly what it is that truly deserves your attention.

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