Looking Toward the Future: Your Career Field in Australia


Looking Toward the Future: Your Career Field in Australia

  • August 18th, 2016
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Have you ever been concerned about the future of your career field? If you have a chosen profession which you love, it is unnerving knowing that the demand for it might be decreasing. In an ideal situation, your occupation would be one for which there is a constant need. This provides job security and the ability to more easily plan for the future.

But what if this isn’t the case for your particular career field? In actuality, nearly every industry (and profession) goes through it’s own fluctuations over time.
No matter what statistics say, you should remain optimistic when it comes the world of work. With just a few simple steps you can get a solid handle on the future of your profession in Australia, and figure out exactly how you’ll manage in the coming years.

Grow, Gather Skills, Become Competitive

Perhaps you’ve invested years into a career that you’re passionate about. You’ve gained essential skills and know you’re great at what you do. In such cases, it does not matter what future industry projections say. You’re going to stick with your field and make it work.
When certain roles are on the decline, it does not mean there will be no jobs available either. What it does mean is that competition for those vacancies will grow more and more intense. To keep thriving in your profession, it’s time to get serious. Focus your energies on developing vital skills (especially those in top demand or experiencing a shortage); don’t stop learning, honing, and polishing your craft. If you can get another certification or qualification, do so. The more competitive you stay, the better chance you have of making the most of the situation—and continuing to work in your chosen field.

Consider a Career Switch

On the other hand, maybe your current occupation is not one to which you have a strong attachment. You could be motivated to jump headfirst into a field that is on the rise. This can be a very smart move for the Australian worker.
Health care roles, sales positions, and child care workers are among the many professions projected to grow significantly over the next several years. What’s the right path for you to take?
If a career shift calls to you, the time to begin is NOW. Start right away with an entry-level position to get in on the ground floor which allows you to make connections and also provides some valuable on-the-job training. Obtain the necessary education and qualifications for the role you’re ultimately after, and don’t be afraid to do some research–when it comes to in-demand roles, some employers will even pay for you to receive the appropriate education. That type of situation could be a wonderful opportunity for an individual seeking a new, growing career.

Let the Career Trends Guide You

Just starting out in the working world? If you’re not especially drawn to a specific path, you might opt to let career trends and projected statistics be your guide. If you are flexible, there could be an endless number of choices! The advantage of this situation is that you can mould your experience and training to suit those jobs and fields which will need you most in the future. This can result in a great salary, a leadership or executive position, and a lifetime of job security. For the risk-averse professional, such a strategy is a wise move that is almost certain to offer success.

Wisely Use Your Resources

In any of the above situations, one single element can make all the difference: using the resources available to you. Navigating the job market can be a confounding experience that challenges even the savviest of workers. Don’t go it alone. Your best resource lies in partnering with an employment expert who can assist you throughout the entire process. At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, people are our business. We’d love to help you along the path to the career of your dreams—whether it’s one in high demand or not.
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