On-the-Job Parameters

On-the-Job Parameters

On-the-Job Parameters

  • January 13th, 2015
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When hiring for an open position, many clients report struggling with defining the on-the-job parameters for the available role. There are so many aspects to running a business and each individual role plays its part. For an existing position, you may have a clearer idea of what you’re looking for in a potential candidate, but a newly-designed position can be more complex, or a position in a redefined workplace structure can be an even greater challenge. When you work with us as a client of On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we’ll assist you in determining and defining these parameters early in the process. When hiring for a long term permanent position, it’s necessary to have a fairly solid idea of what you’re after in a new employee, to help us find you the top candidate on the market.

Determining What Your Business Needs

If you’re recruiting for an existing position, now is the ideal time to review and revisit the job description for the role and discuss what may need alteration. Brainstorm what this position means to your business. How does it fit in the management hierarchy? What is the significance of the role? What direct purpose does this position play in day to day operations? These are a great jumping-off point to come up with your specific business needs and values.

Then, look more closely at the duties of the role. Our team can help you in listing these and breaking them down. Once duties are determined, we can help you match the necessary skills for those duties. You’ll want to look at specific tasks as well as overall attributes needed in your new hire. This can help layout the final draft of the job description including skills, training, and education requirements.

Negotiable Aspects

We’ll help you figure out what’s a “must have” in your candidate and what elements are negotiable. Many clients find that their needs and parameters change during the recruitment and interview process and that is completely fine. We’ll adjust as needed to ensure we’re finding you the right candidate for your open position.

Many clients find that there are only a few true “must have” items they desire in a potential employee. These are often specific skills that are vital for success in the position, such as training in a certain computer program or experience working with certain types of data and applications. What many clients discover is that things such as level of education and industry-specific experience are more fluid parameters that can be flexible for the right candidate.

Who is the Right Candidate?

As we assist you throughout the recruitment, interview, and hiring process, our team will aid you in selecting the candidate who is the best match for your company. What makes the best match? The key to an ideal candidate is the one who seems to be the best “fit” for your company. Often this individual checks the boxes in a few categories on your list of parameters, but frequently clients find that winning attitudes, glowing references, and personability are the factors that weigh more heavily in their final decision. The parameters become much more flexible when a candidate seems to have the whole package: experience, skills, and a great attitude. Communication skills and demeanour can all be assessed during the interview process, and these sessions allow clients and candidates the opportunity to see if the working relationship would be a good one.

At On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, we’re proud of our ability to make great matches between the candidates and the clients we work with. Part of this success derives from our tried-and-true process of sourcing and selecting a shortlist of exceptional candidates for our clients to meet. Our success rate is first class, and we look forward to continuing to create mutually beneficial hiring relationships. Contact us today to get the process started for your business.

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