How to Know When it’s Time to Hire


Whether yours is a business large or small, you know that one of the most important elements of business success lies in hiring the right employees. You want the best staff, ideally suited to the positions you have within your business. But when is the right time to hire? An obvious time for hiring is when you have a current employee preparing to leave their post. In this case, you need to find a suitable replacement as quickly as possible. But there are other situations which are not as clear. We’ve identified 4 situations which might indicate that it’s time to hire new or additional employees for your business. Consider if any of these 4 circumstances are currently affecting your business now or if they will be in the near future, and you can decide if you’re ready to recruit new candidates.

When You’re Changing Your Structure

There are times when a business discovers an existing structure or system isn’t working. Perhaps labour needs to be divided differently, and maybe new positions will be created. This can be a great time to hire new staff. New employees who enter the business during a major structural change are ideally poised to help bring about the new system confidently, building from the ground up. Hiring during transition is an excellent time to make sure your business is transforming in just the way you need it to.

When You’re Looking to Expand

Business expansion is a sign of growth and success. At a time of expansion, a company is usually doing well financially, and could use those resources wisely to add a new member of staff. As a business expands, perhaps into additional departments or new divisions within the business, new responsibilities take hold and new positions are naturally created. Expansion may be one of the best times at which to seek new hires. Finding new employees to handle new segments of the business is also a great opportunity for change and improvement.

When Productivity is Slowing Down

When sales are slow, the answer may not be to hire new staff. However, there are times when a business can measure its productivity, and note that things are no longer running as efficiently. This can be a time to integrate change, such as structural alterations or expansions, as detailed above. Unfortunately, when business isn’t being conducted productively, this can also indicate the need for staff turnover. Slow productivity may be greatly helped by the addition of new, skilled staff members.

When There are Problems

Sometimes, employee relationships simply don’t work out. Circumstances change and an employee may no longer be a good fit for your business. Perhaps other problems have arisen. Issues with employees that can’t be sorted must often be dealt with through eradication. This situation is an unfortunate one, but it is important for your business to have staff that are productive, efficient, skilled, and team players. You want your employees to be the best for your business. This situation provides an opportunity to recruit new, talented staff members that will be a better match for your company.

If any of the above situations are applicable to your business, now is the time to hire. For the best in employment solutions, let your local experts help. On Line Recruitment has years of experience handling all matters of employment, from recruitment to hiring. We make it easy for you, assisting you in locating top staff that will be a great addition to your company.