Recruiting for a Job You Know Nothing About

Recruiting for a Job You Know Nothing About

Oftentimes, an available position may be one which is new to the recruiters. This role may even be a newly created position, with duties and responsibilities still to be determined. So how can you recruit for such a position? If you have no idea what the job will entail, how can you source the proper candidates who will be suited to fill the role? There are some general practices that can be followed for any and all job recruitment, as well as a few other methods for helping pinpoint the best candidates for every position.

Consider Basic Traits of an Excellent Worker

Though you may know nothing about a position, or possibly very little about the company or industry itself, there are qualities which are highly valued in employees across the board. Ideals such as loyalty, responsibility, and honesty are paramount, as well as are desirable traits such as accuracy, time management, flexibility, and intelligence. Measuring a candidate in terms of these universal positive attributes are likely to demonstrate if they are an overall good employee. If an individual has many of these qualities and predispositions, no matter the position, they are likely to shine. Particularly pay attention to discern how well they pick up new skills. If the available position is a new one, it may involve a great deal of learning for all involved. If a recruit is flexible, eager, and has a history of acquiring new abilities and knowledge swiftly and efficiently, they may be the perfect person for the job.

Take a Look at Past Responsibilities

When recruiting for a position about which little is known, consider taking what you DO know about a position and moving from there. Perhaps you know whether the position is management level, administrative, entry-level. These things will give a somewhat clearer picture of what responsibilities are likely to be involved. As you recruit, you can take a look at resumes and see what candidates have experience in similar level positions. See what their past duties were in these roles, and then you can assess their readiness to take on this new vacancy a bit better. If the new position is likely to be highly administrative, for example, you may want to recruit those with experience in business, education, and secretarial professions, as these will all have unique skills to contribute to the open role.

Let the Recruit Choose You

If you truly have absolutely no clue about the position you’re recruiting for, perhaps let the recruits come to you. Flip through those CVs and select candidates who have a varied and unusual work history (though not inconsistent or questionable)–perhaps these recruits will have a wide variety of experiences which will lend themselves well to the open position. Alternately, find recruits who are hoping to make a career shift or start out in a new industry. These types of individuals may be perfect for a new position, particularly if it is entry-level or one that could crossover easily with other industries. Those looking for a new line of work may be anxious to make a change and will be eager to interview. If you select these types of candidates, provided they have good references, some valuable skills, and positive work history, one of them just may wind up being the ideal fit for the position.


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